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There are some women who have achieved et all and there are some who haven’t! For some who are in between, Feministaa brings to you, Kanika Agarwal, Founder, Live 2 Eat Desserts.


Belonging to the Brijwasi family, she had the knack for sweets in her blood. A commerce graduate from Narsee Monji, this young entrepreneur tried her hands at Finance; only to give it all up for her passion.


I wanted to professionally study the art of patisserie instead of just joining the family business blindly!


Kanika went on to pursue her dreams. She started baking at home, learning from people around her. After she had a fair knowledge of the art, ingredients and ingenuity, she wanted to go to for nothing lesser than the world’s best!


When I got through Le Cordon Blue, after a very very long time, I could see my dreams gradually come to reality.


From Passion to Profession


Kanika talks about her long lost dream coming true. But making it a reality was very hard. Sourcing genuine ingredients, logistics and distribution is very hard.


“Most of the times I feel that I am more of an entrepreneur! Most of my time goes in training my staff, managing the bakery and ground staff!”, she says. For any start up, the founder being the whole and soul of the business, becomes the end point for every execution.


Kanika aims to open up her own cafe in the near future. She completely believes in building her own brand through the taste of her products.


I want people to feel that we “live to eat”!


A Born Foodie


A foodie since her early years, she always had a natural tendency to differentiate between flavours, and was always up for trying a huge variety of cuisines! Kanika loves to travel, and has tried numerous kinds of cuisines from all over the country.


When I was in London, I tried to eat a new dish every single day off-campus! That’s how much I love food! And I want to make my clients fall crazily in love with food the same way!




Kanika was never interested in Indian desserts. She wanted to bring something new to the Brijwasi palate. And being the self made gal that she is, she wanted to do everything on her own!


When she came up with the idea, initially she was welcomed with gasps and shocked looks from her family members!


All I did was made my parents eat what I baked. That’s all it took me to convince them of my idea.


It took me more than 100 days to come up with my ganache. But once it was ready, I knew I was somewhere! That is my speciality and that’s what gets my clients come back to me every time!

My biggest strength is my father. I have watched him closely through ups and downs, and when I see him smile through everything, it gives me immense courage.


This young gen Brijwasi combines the new age thoughts yet applies adage philosophies that have been the building blocks of huge empires. “I strongly believe what your family can do, no staff member can.” In today’s date, where we find the younger gen running away from family commitments and responsibilities, Kanika involves her family members as much as she can!


Everything your elders will tell you might not be relevant, but it’s important that you make the best of their experience.


To All the Aspiring Bakers 


She admits to competition coming up everyday! “I think it’s very encouraging! Everyone is unique in their own different way”, says a jolly Kanika. She wants to tell all the young bakers, to just keep going, keep creating and re creating tasty desserts, and one day you’ll reach there.  “After all leaders always make more leaders! Thus I try to encourage everyone who’s getting into this field! It’s not easy at all, but if it’s your passion, just don’t give up!”


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