Author: Ritika Jain

Ritika has been working as a freelancer in content creation and editing for about 2 years now.Also worked as a content editor with S Chand Group of companies and have interned as an assistant content editor with McGraw Hill publications. She's currently freelancing as a content writer/blogger with some publication houses and a few social media start ups. Ritika has gained experience in different genres of writing while woking with these various organisations. A curious soul and an avid reader, Ritika likes experimenting with her writing style and have written various blogs and articles.

Women with Wit

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Fashion Lessons #sonamkishadi

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Chanda Kochhar And Her Graceful Exit!

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Breaking The Glass Ceiling.


Jharna Banerji on her Latest Novel

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Are The Women Of Substance Being Reduced To Ashes?

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I Would Still Bleed, Even After Zero Tax

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Do we really need Menstruation Leaves?

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The Woman of Influence : Vertica Dvivedi

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Sanitary Pads Are NOT a Luxury

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The Girls You Didn’t Know Of

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Make Global Sustainability Your New Year Resolution

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The Paradox of the Anti-Triple Talaq Bill

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Get Winter Ready!

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Protecting The Honour, Are We?

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