Check Mate : Have u checked it out ?

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 05/10/2015

The classics never go out of fashion and some trends like the checks and polkas are forever young trends. The fashion industry always keeps coming back to these timeless trends because they know they have been loved and accepted by the fashion lovers.

Check out the skirt:

The baby doll fashion is like a journey down the memory lane, which always puts a smile on your face. Team it up with a plain tank top or a spaghetti top. Heels look too cheesy with check skirts so pick up a pair of wedges.


Check Mate : Have u checked it out Check Mate : Have u checked it out

PC :,
Check out that coat:

Who doesn’t love some checks on a winter coat? Black and white is out; try the new colors in checks like white and red or pink and orange. Check combinations have a color palette, which you still haven’t discovered.


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PC :,

Check out the dress:

A knee length winter dress or a short summer check in pastels is the imagery I get when asked for a check dress. It will never fail you, till the time you don’t underestimate it. You can walk with panache in this checked outfit without thinking twice. It requires no accessories or topping to make it look nice.


unnamed-5 Check Mate : Have u checked it out

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Check out your accessories:

Why should the little things stay behind in being trends friendly? Check out your regular hairbands, your shoes and even your bags. But don’t forget to keep it minimal with your clothing. Don’t get excited and over do the trend and end up doing a trend buster. Go plain with checked accessories and keep contrasting colors.


Check Mate : Have u checked it out Check Mate : Have u checked it out

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