Do you know what makes you beautiful ?

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 05/10/2015

The question you ask your boyfriend or husband every now and then has an answer after all. There is not a single thing but a bundle of things, which make you who you are. All these things come together to define you. Just because your facial color or features are not comparable to the models that walk that well lit ramp, doesn’t make you any less. Stop underestimating your self because you can do whatever you want to and tell this to yourself everyday till the time you don’t achieve what you want.


  1. Your passion makes you beautiful:

The ambition to create an identity for yourself is beautiful. That is because you know you are unique and you are talented in your own ways. You believe in creating something out of your life.


  1. Your values make you beautiful:

The inherent values of being humble, kind and respectful collectively make you a beautiful person. Chatting with your grandmother, helping your mother cook, teaching your little brother, finding ways to help out a friend, feeding a street dog are all examples of being a beautiful person that you are.


  1. Your simplicity makes you beautiful:

Beautiful things need not be bling or jazzy. Simplicity is timeless and that is something one should never give up on. Your ability to stick to the simple is what makes you beautiful. Less drama is directly proportional to a simpler and a happier life.


  1. Your loyalty makes you beautiful:

Loyalty is something, which makes you stand apart. No wonder people prefer dogs to people. If you are loyal to your friends, to your family and to your partner, you are a beautiful person. The act of loyalty is an example of a pure connection. It signifies the purity of your soul, which is one of the most beautiful qualities you could possess.


  1. Your creativity makes you beautiful:

You innovate, create and recreate things around you all the time. The drive to change the surroundings is a bliss, which not everyone is gifted with. The ability to convert this bliss into a routine is what makes you beautiful.


  1. Your stability makes you beautiful:

Being patient, dedicated and loyal to your work, your career and your family is what make you beautiful. People today have less patience, they want things instantly, and if that’s not satisfied, they fight, argue and leave. Your stability is your core strength and your ability to stick to your surroundings is what makes you beautiful.


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