When you dive in the 25

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If asked, what is the best age? Everyone has a different answer for this one question. Is it because what they experience at a particular age or because when they feel settled and happy? For some it could be sweet 16 or the tangy 21 or any other number. But, a number, which definitely rings a bell, is 25. Research suggests that,one makes most of the good memories by the age of 25. But, there are some solid reasons, which can convince one that completing the first quarter of one’s life is a memorable milestone.


You are advancing towards your career goal, unlike at the confused state at 22, when you were having a panic attack, trying to figure out where exactly you belong. You have a job or at least you have a descent workplace and you are progressing towards your career goals. You are more confident compared to your initial 20’s and now planning your career, keeping in mind that you might be couple in the next few years. So, one thing you know that you are getting somewhere.

When you dive in the 25

Your love life, on the other hand is chaotic and stressful. Your exes are getting married and you are still thinking about your crush from the other day. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, you are burdened with the commitment aspect of the relationship. Taking it to the next level is what you have to think about. A lot of stress is involved on the relationship front.

When you dive in the 25


You are more sensitive towards your family’s needs. The feeling of maturity has finally blossomed and gone are those days when only your family members wanted your time. As a matured individual, you also feel responsible to make quality  time for your family by organizing family trips and making weekly family plans. You want to spend time with your elderly and make genuine efforts. You have a bigger role in the family now. Your parents make you feel responsible for things they were once responsible for. You have officially hit maturity. So yay!!

When you dive in the 25

Freedom is in the air. You have officially cleared the Legal drinking age parameters all over the world. By this time, your family knows you drink, and now you can have a glass of wine with your mom and the boys can have a glass of whisky with their dads. Finally, the hide and seek is over, you don’t need to shadow any of your shenanigans with any dramatic stories.


When you dive in the 25

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This age gives you the time to perform an insightful analysis on your social life. You filter some friends, delete some from Facebook and add some. You realize the value of some and understand the hollowness of the others. There was a time when you had so many best friends that you couldn’t count them on your fingertips. But now, the socialite phase is dawning down, as you just want to live in a bubble with a handful of people whom you share a special bond. You’ve learnt to value people in your daily life and you now you know who is worth your time.

When you dive in the 25

You do realize that after all, the old saying, “Health is wealth” is real and now it makes more sense. You have a deep connection with your body now.  You do realize that high intake of alcohol will affect your weight and stamina. So, now, your intake of high fiber and vitamin rich supplements has shot up. You want to look good all the time so you take great precautions in your diet and you also count days when you don’t eat out. No matter how much you want to drop the idea of consuming alcohol, alcohol always wins. So, you make conscious efforts to avoid alcohol whenever you can. You are not in college anymore and there are jobs lined up the next day, which you are responsible for. So, maturity has a trickle down effect here and you are more responsible for your health than ever before.


When you dive in the 25

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You fear that marriage could be anytime soon, so you try to make as many trips as possible with your single friends. Your little escapades to give you a thrill and gives you something to look forward to. Your biggest fear is whether or not your partner will be comfortable with your friends and will he/she will let you hang out the same way you do right now. So, the present is what you want to make the most of. Even your parents support your traveling plans because they know that this time will not come back and they want to see you happy.



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Although, whatever age you are at, it could turn out to be the best for you if you want it to. By making use of past experiences to guide your judgments and by looking at the present with positivity, you can aim for some fruitful  years to come. But, the age of 25 is definitely a milestone in your life because hopefully by now, you tend to develop a perspective as an individual, which is an indication that you are a grown up after all.


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