6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom

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Bedroom is your personal space and how you decorate it, is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and personal choices. From the placement of the furniture in your bedroom to the colors of the curtains, everything falls under the “crucial decision” category.

6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom

You should not forget that comfort in the bedroom is the most important and nothing can be ranked higher in the priority list than that. Any kind of object or piece of furniture has no value in the bedroom, if it fails to provide basic comfort.


When renovating or designing the bedroom, keep in mind the following:

The “Mattress”

Test and retest the comfort level of the mattress before buying it. A good mattress means a good night sleep and a good night sleep means a super productive day. Check out therapeutic mattresses incase you or your spouse is suffering from any backache issues.

6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom
The perfect little sofa

There will be times when you want to invite a friend or two to your personal space. This calls for a little comfortable lounger or a sofa according to the space availability in your room. Make sure there is always space for two guests no matter how you arrange for it.


6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom

PC : www.brabbu.com

The Curtain raiser

Having curtains in your bedroom is as important as having a bed. Any bedroom looks bland without a panel of carefully selected curtains. If you are one person who thinks curtains are old school and a panel of blinds will do the job of getting that yellow sun to ruin your happiness, you are not thinking right. Curtains give your bedroom the ideal stature of calling it a bedroom. It provides a gush of warmth to your personal space. The choice of color and fabric is a personal choice, but stick to light color shades like pastel hues and minimalistic design. This will ensure that they go with any kind of furniture and sheet colors.


6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom

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The Oomph Factor

Any bedroom is incomplete without that “oomph factor”. This “oomph factor” could either be a versatile lamp you bought from Turkey or that Painting you picked up from the streets of Paris, whatever it might be, it should attract attention. You personal space should be able to capture some memories from your travel diaries or provide a glimpse of your current passion. This is a true reflection of yourself and your bedroom is the ideal place to showcase.

6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom
Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Any bedroom is incomplete without that perfect mirror on the wall. Make sure that mirror in the bedroom is meant for the couple and not just the wife. A classic full-length mirror with a horizontally designed box of drawers is an ideal pick. Use decorative mirrors elsewhere in your house, as their use is limited to decor and display.


6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom

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A rug, which you love

A rug can actually change the complete look of your bedroom. Comfortable or not, that’s not a big concern. A carefully selected rug is a mandatory bedroom requirement. Interesting rug shapes and prints give your personal space an edge over the classic mediocre traditional carpets. From different kinds of fur to different kinds of prints, a rug has the ability to add a tint of panache to your look.


6 Ways to pep up your Boring Bedroom

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