How to find that one Inspiration ?

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 08/10/2015

When aspire, aspire big.
When dream, dream big
When achieve, achieve it all 
How to find that one Inspiration

Every dream should be big, that’s how one will be a creator of something substantial. The perception of things and how things could be, all are derived from that little mind of ours. For some, television, newspapers and magazines are enough to inspire. They don’t need any more guidance or any counseling from experts. They are self-motivated to be educated and make their dreams come true. For some references and networking have no value. Its only good education and real talent, which they believe would give them their desired status in this ruthless and demanding world.


It’s true that a lot of our talented Bollywood stars belong to small towns, who grew up watching Hindi movies on their neighbor’s television sets, while aspiring to be one of them. Their struggles were a part of the bigger picture, which we fail to see. What we see is only the glamorous movies and the big monetary rewards.

Where do we lack when we need motivation?

Do we need to face terrible remarks about our objectives so that in order to defy them, we go forward in anguish?

Is that the moment we are waiting for?
How to find that one Inspiration


It seems so, because we constantly hunt for motivation, ignoring the fact that it’s around us all the time. We go for lectures, seminars, conferences, counseling sessions in hunt for that ray of hope, which actually is already within us but just needs an ignition. That inner strength is not developed in just a day after listening to a multi millionaire inventor talking about his good and bad days, rather it’s a snowball effect resulting from a series of experiences.


Dreams get converted into reality, when we possess the fire to make it happen. When we find that story which we can relate to and make that a benchmark.


So, Follow your  intuition and go ahead with the first painful step of “trying”.


That “try” will push you to work hard and then even harder. Later, it might even break you because you might fail. 

But, remember there is no one inspiration.

Get inspired from the little child, who has been begging persistently at the same red-light for years or your batch mate, who has been admitted to an Ivy league Grad School or your servant, who as been dedicated to a job which gives him peanuts but he still manages to sustain his family, which is thousands of miles away.

How to find that one Inspiration

Use this power to ignite the fire again and get up to “try”, once again because YOU have the ability to defeat failures.


So stop hunting for that one inspiration. There is no one inspiration, which you can hold on to. Only if you realize that inspirations are all around you, you can make it happen.


Staff Feministaa

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