When she is wearing the SAME DRESS !!

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 08/10/2015


OMG !! is the reaction when you see that girl across the room wear the exact same dress as you are wearing .Its funny for others who are around you who notice your reaction after seeing the similar outfits. That very moment, you would actually curse yourself for picking up this dress for tonight. Only when you thought that you will look different, you see your style doppelgänger.

Here are some interesting responses to that “situation”.

COPYCAT….!!!! Maybe, she just follows me on Instagram to copy my style statement.


STALKER….!!! Was she there when I was buying this dress?


Oh please…!!! she cant even carry it off as well as I can

What a creep !! How dare she buy the same thing?

GAWD….!!Did she see my display picture, which I clicked back at home?


UFFF…Why did I even buy this dress? Everyone including this girl has picked it up



HMMM…I think I need to stop telling my friends about my shopping endeavors



DAMMIT…..!!! I need to check the return policy for this store. This dress is so overdone


Omg !! She is definitely NOT like me

AHHHH….!!!.How I wish I had picked what mom had shown.


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