Nehha Bhatnagar

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About Nehha


Nehha is an exuberant bharatnatyam dancer. A disciple of the Padma Bhushan Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan , Nehha has used her passion and zeal for dance to support a much bigger cause. She talks in her interview, passionately, about the Sarvam Foundation which was founded by her in 2000. Not only is Nehha a talented dancer, but also a curator and Tedx licensee in Delhi.


We studied Nehha’s profile, and were amazed to see her diversified work portfolio that she had carefully worked around her passion, dancing. A scholarship holder for Bharatnatyam by the Delhi Government, Nehha decided to do something more with her talent.

About Bharatnatyam


Nehha was interning with one of the most erudite intellectuals in the country, Mr. Shashi Tharoor. But her work was not giving her complete satisfaction. Nehha pursued Bharatnatyam full time, and performed in India and abroad, as a soloist and a group artiste. But her journey to her still seemed incomplete.


“I want to take the road less travelled”


Seeing the dire need to change the perception of youth towards classical performing arts, Nehha decided to work towards re-igniting the lost interest for performing arts in today’s youth. She founded the Sarvam Foundation in 2000. Today, she is working very hard to get the youth “culturally chained, yet shackle free”.

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