Our Diwali Celebration is their Nightmare

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 11/11/2015


Every year, we make a promise of celebrating a “safe” Diwali, which we hardly abide by. Measures like being careful while bursting crackers and protecting ourselves from any fire hazards are known to all, but we hardly practice that  and what we do to the environment is intolerant. The nature has a way of saying no, and we fail to understand the repercussions. We get blinded by the lights of joy and intentionally or unintentionally turn our celebrations into a nightmare for some. Crackers are the worst enemy for our environment. Safety is not limited to only us, we need to make this festival safe for our pets as well who are intolerant towards such source of noise pollution.


Dogs have intensely sensitive ears and the noise of these crackers not only makes them shiver out of fear but can also damage their ears . Every year, innumerable dogs die in road accidents on Diwali, while running away from these noises. Some get hurt while trying to escape the detonations of firecrackers and some just hide in closed corners out of fear.


These explosions cause animals to suffer from panic attacks and some even get injured and eventually die out of fear. There are unreported deaths of dogs every year on this day. Animals are a part of our environment and its our responsibility to protect them as well. We can’t let our animals get hurt and injured while we are being selfish about our celebrations. Even though, shelter homes for dogs  take certain measures to protect them from the noises of crackers, but we need to consider the needs of our environment as well.


Lets “say no to crackers” this Diwali. Crackers are nothing more than a wasteful expenditure which are detrimental to our environment. This share of our diwali budget can be used to do some good for the society like participating in donation drives or charitable causes. We are living in an uncompromising condition, where people don’t even have good quality air to breathe so we are in no condition to inflict more pain to the environment. We can’t further aggravate the levels of air and noise pollution. This will eventually make survival a question mark for our people as well as for our pets. This diwali, lets keep our celebratory needs aside and make this festival, a true celebration for all including our pets.


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