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We live only once, but if we live right, then once is enough.



Dr. Amna Mirza is one of the most talented and versatile woman educationists we have met. Author of the book “A Comprehensive Perspective of Federal Concerns in Global Times“, she is someone who goes beyond her work, to make the world a better place for women.

Dr. Amna, has been a academically brilliant student throughout her life. Today, she is an accomplished assistant professor at DU, an author of a book, a columnist with The Sunday Guardian and a guide/mentor to many students.


The Book


The book tries to place the idea of federalism as a process in times of globalisation. With issues of space-time compression, blurring of domestic-international borders, power sharing at the two levels of government, Dr. Amna begins with the  assumption that globalisation has produced new strains for the federal division of power.

Get Inspired


Managing all these roles, along with being a politicians wife, cannot be easy. Amna talks about how giving women equal opportunities is crucial for any society.


We asked Dr. Amna about the rise of discrimination against muslim women; a prevailing issue in the society. Watch her video and get inspired by her thought provoking opinions.


A woman, just because of her biology, is thought in secondary terms.


The Real discrimination is coming from lack of understanding and lack of knowledge.


Things like happiness & dignity have to be earned.  They are not served on a platter. Women must ask for it.


Women are meant to do menial jobs, or be a support to the earning hand. It’s high time that we come forward and question this gender thinking.


A woman, because of her appearance, is monitored and moralised.


Women like Dr Amna, encourage other women to build their opinions, and stand by them. Truly a Feministaa, she has gone beyond her career to make a difference.

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