Why is Love Story By Erich Segal, the most popular story amongst women?

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Love story is a romance novel by American writer Erich Segal. The story is about two college graduates; Oliver and Jennifer are both opposites of each other. On one side, Oliver belongs to one of the most elite and richest families of the country and on the other side, Jennifer is a daughter of a baker, whose passion is to study music with an ambition to study in Paris. Oliver’s father has a lot of hopes riding on his son’s shoulders. It is usually said that two opposite poles of a magnet attract each other and the same happened in the story. Oliver and Jennifer started sharing an instant connection from the moment they encountered each other in Radcliffe library and their love deepened over time.


Refusal of Oliver’s dad to accept Jennifer as his daughter in law only acted as a catalyst in their love story and Oliver’s brave choice of accepting Jennifer even after his dad’s refusal didn’t stop their love from growing. The couple indeed faced hardships during Oliver’s law school period as his dad even refused to sponsor his education and Jennifer had to fund the education and all the monthly expenses all by herself. But eventually they settled. Oliver’s securing the highest pay package from Harvard Law School made all the hardships worth for.


What followed next was the little tragic story of how the couple couldn’t conceive and later was found out that Jenny suffered from Leukemia and she had outnumbered day’s left with her.


It seemed that Oliver and Jennifer were made for each other and after all the hardships they faced for getting each other, followed by such a tragic news would have filled any readers eyes with tears. Segal has tried to beautifully portray the amazing love between the couple and the reader is sure to experience one of those moments when they lose touch of reality and weep along with the fictional characters. The story is indeed rather very beautiful.

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