An Open Letter from a “Working Indian Woman”

By Prachi Singh in Fashion & Lifestyle 22/11/2015

We are all aware of the problems that an Indian working woman has to face , but still we decide to ignore them. So here’s a letter from her, on behalf of all of them which aims to express their emotions and what they have to go through every day because of the society’s pre created notions.


Dear all,


I am a working Indian woman. I work for my own happiness and to financially support my family. I work because I have this dream to be an independent lady and create an identity for myself. Is this a lot to ask ? Am I doing something which I’m not meant to do ? Then why do I have to face all the criticisms from the society, from you all?


If I return late from office, please don’t think that I was having “fun”, because my career is as important to me as my family and the drive to excel is what keeps me going. 


Dear husband, why do I have to get up at six in the morning, get the children ready and even prepare breakfast for all of us ? Expectations have no boundaries somehow, but I feel we need to build some now.  Why can’t we share some responsibilities ? Even I am tired after working for the whole day at work.  Why is that only you deserve some “me time” and I don’t?


I don’t want you to replace me. I am asking for your involvement, so that I can meet the expectations of my family and maintain a favourable balance between work and family.


Dear colleagues, if I get a promotion, that doesn’t mean that I slept with my boss. Please give some credit to my long working hours, the holiday sacrifices I’ve made and my under eye bags which have become a permanent fixture to my face. I am not an object of sexual gratification for my boss and I don’t intend to be, so please give your thoughts some rest. Why am I always made to feel that success is not just a product of hard work and determination, but mostly a result of a series of  manipulative actions?


When I try to make a point, I am not being bossy, it’s just the fact that I  do have leadership skills and I want to use it for the efficacious performance of the organisation.


Dear boss, I never tried to make a pass at you, then why do you grab my butts whenever you get a chance?  Is it because you know that no one is going to listen to my complaints? I still can’t figure out whether my refusal to your sexual offer was right or not because since that day you have made my life pathetic.  Please respect people for their work and efforts rather than trying to take out your own selfish interests out of them.


I’ve made up my mind now because one more pervertish step from your side and I am going to beat the shit out of you. I have suppressed myself enough but now no more.


Dear all, I just want to work peacefully, like all these men.  I am not complaining but I am just trying to express the harsh realities of my daily routine. I am asking for no favours. All I want is a little support from our society which bends the rules for all men, but still expects the world out of us women.  I also deserve to be happy and I’ve been trying hard to maintain this ” hard to achieve” balance. I wish to be a part of a happy space where the indian working woman is able to dream as well as achieve without making any compromises or being a victim of the societal biases.


Yours lovingly,


Working Indian women



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