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Behind Ranbir Kapoor’s depressed situation, and all the force to condition himself towards a rat race, many have missed out Deepika’s amazingly insightful and intelligent character. Again a Calcuttan, bold and beautiful, Deepika/Tara is the driving force behind Ved’s realization that he is choking himself and his personality to death, every single day of his life, when he is forcing himself to work as a “product manager”.


Women are often blamed to “think from the heart”. And that is considered a very negative trait in the harsh realities of the work world. However, in today’s age, where there is a wave of the new generation, who encourage and commend at people who follow their heart; women have the correct opportunity to make it well.


Women Inspire Men


In the movie, Tara, a well educated, and well-travelled young girl not only meets Ved; but also agrees to spend time with him. Very aptly displaying today’s woman, who might be very open minded and free, yet handles “relationships” well. Bluntly, women today might be very out going in their approach, but don’t display an attitude of “just sleep with anyone”


The fact that Tara was tremendously independent, helped her imbibe or judge what Ved was going through.


It takes an intelligent girl, to show a man the right direction.


The entire obsession with girls, who are less educated, or opinionated, are the correct girls for settling down is now an archaic vision. In today’s competitive world, where there is competition amongst the competent, it is very important for people to do what they love doing.


Tamasha gives out a message that, it is very important for a person to love what he is doing, else attaining success becomes an impossible feat. But the movie silently also depicts that the young and ambitious Tara had star’s in her eyes. Mediocrity was something she was not settling for.


Women today are bread-winners themselves. They don’t settle for mediocrity themselves, then why should their man do so. This is the calling of a new progressive culture.


If the women in Indian society start pushing the men out of their comfort zones to do what they love doing, there would be a revolution of creativity and innovation.


Elinor Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, the reserved and practical daughter, might have been an inspiration to many girls once upon a time. Being reserved might not end up being beneficial to one in today’s era.


While choosing the right companion for themselves, a wise man would be the one who decides to be with a girl who challenges him.


At the end of the day, love is freedom. And Tamasha depicts a love story in the true and real sense. A couple free from shackles of society’s expectations, are better off.


Kudos to Tara’s character and of course the protagonist’s flawless performance!


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