How to strengthen your relationship with your husband?

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 06/12/2015

The honeymoon period, that is the first two years of a marriage makes one quite used to the “good days”. But, a relationship blossoms only if it is truly nurtured and valued by both. Once the good days are over, the real test begins from there. The constant taunting and nagging by the wife might make his life miserable which could result in the first set of real marital problems. So, dealing with the marital issues in the beginning might seem like dealing with the teething period, but the real problem arises when it becomes a permanent part of your relationship. So, don’t let that take away the spark from your relationship.



Here are some ways by which you can strengthen your relationship with him.


1. Create boundaries for work hours:

Sometimes, his work is his second wife. It’s not always, but at least most of the times, which is 7/10. What one needs to do is to talk about it and keep the work off the dinner table and the bed. These are the two places where you want his attention.



2. Try to adapt to similar hobbies:

Hobbies are generally personal to ones likes and choices, but eventually if the couple starts developing an interest in each other’s hobby choices, then it could be a boom for the relationship. From spending quality time together to knowing more about the partner, sharing a hobby helps in creating a different bond altogether.



3. Keep some issues and pressures to your self:

Sometimes, its good to be vocal about everything happening around oneself and sometimes it’s not. Blurting out each and every detail is just giving too much unnecessary information, which can result in a break out. So, one should not be discussing petty issues and pressures which can be avoided. Eventually, it could result in developing an irritable feeling towards being a part of discussions.



4. Always have a different set of friends:

It’s always good to have one’s own little gang, different from that of the husband’s. This acts as a support group and more like a cushion to one’s married life. Be socially active with this group and plan separate outings with them. It helps in strengthening one’s individual identity and at the same time, gives space to the other in the relationship.



5. Make way for some surprise pampering:

One will be surprised how beautiful it is to throw in little surprises now and then. Making a surprise dinner plan or cooking his favorite meal on the weekend or planning a small getaway can really change things in a relationship. It is a tedious task to keep the spark alive and these small things play a big role.


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