Ladies !! Dance your way to Fitness with Zumba

By Prachi Singh in Fashion & Lifestyle 11/12/2015


Are you planning to skip another day at the gym? Well who said workout has to be a chore when you have the blessing of being a part of the Zumba fitness regime. It involves dance and aerobics where you groove at the tunes of salsa, mambo, merengue and samba. I would say that it is not even a workout; it is a fun filled activity with the added benefits of weight loss. You don’t have to go to gym and perform those pain in the ass exercises anymore. Approximately 15 million people do weekly classes in 2 lakh locations in over 180 countries.


If you are looking for some solid reasons which can convince you to join Zumba, here are some reasons why you should leave your gym and go Zumbastic :


Weight loss


The main motive of joining a gym for any woman is a no brainer. But why go to the gym to lose weight when there are other alternatives which can help you with you lose weight.  Zumba helps your body tone up by targeting your hips and midsection area while strengthening your core.


In fact one hour of full intensity zumba is said to have burn 650 calories.


Stress reliever


Doing zumba on a regular basis will help you to naturally relieve stress. This cardiovascular exercise will stimulate the release of several hormones especially serotonin that results in mood enhancement. It is highly prescribed to patients of depression who are on medication to have serotonin in their body.


Strengthens your heart


Heart is all what matters. Doing zumba enables the oxygen to travel through your body more effectively. It lowers the blood pressure and significantly reduces elevated heart levels thus preventing a heart attack. It also aids in strengthening the cardiovascular respiratory system.


Toned body


Within a year of doing regular Zumba, you will notice the change in your body structure and flexibility. Well thanks to all those squats, lunges and push-ups which you did while moving along with the beats of Zumba. The choreography is framed so as to give each part of your body some activity and thereby helping in concentrated toning.



Boosts confidence


Zumba is also one of the best ways to boost your confidence. If you have a stiff body structure, the workout will help you let loose a little and even help in nerve relaxation. The more relaxed you feel from inside, the more confident you are.  Zumba also improves your posture and gives your confidence a good boost.


Increased flexibility


Zumba brings together aerobics and dance in the most fun filled way. Aerobic exercises increases the body’s flexibility and also stretches the muscles. After a few weeks of Zumba, you will notice the difference in your  flexibility.  Every routine has an adequate number of warm-up exercises and soon, touching your toes and doing full splits would be fun and less painful.


Various styles to choose from


You have the option to choose from various styles of Zumba.


Zumba fitness which is for everyone,


Zumba step is specifically for lower body workout,


Aqua zumba is for those who are recovering from injuries.


So what are you thinking ladies?  Still in doubt?


I hope not because losing weight has never been so much fun.  Everyone from teenagers to elderly people can reap benefits from the Zumba Workout. Check out for Zumba classes near your locality and work towards a healthier and fitter you. Notice the change in your body in a matter of few weeks.


Go Zumbastic today and say bye bye to those rigid calories. 



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