5 Christmas Gift Options For Him !!

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 21/12/2015

It’s the season of celebrations and making merry. During this festive season, the countless number of people you meet also involves exchanging of gifts because it’s not just Santa’s job after all!


Here are a few suggestions by the Secret Santa to make his christmas more special :



  • Christmas Puddings- What better gift than those sugar-oozing puddings to present with. You can never go wrong with gifting sweets. From macrons to truffle tarts to mouses, there are unlimited options to satiate his sweet tooth. After all “the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach.


5 christmas gift options for him !!| Feministaa.com



  • Bottle Opener- Celebrations got a whole lot better! A fancy bottle opener is the perfect gift for the party season. When popping a bottle of champagne, pop it in style. Interesting shapes and sizes of these bottle openers make a statement. Small things also make way for something bigger and better. So go pick one that’d suit him best.


5 christmas gift options for him !!|Feministaa.com



  • Pens by William Penn- Pens are a sure-shot way that’ll make him stand out at work. The ones by William Penn are the perfect to go for in this regard. Edgy and classy, William penn makes a bold statement.


5 christmas gift options for him !!|feministaa.com


  • Ties and scarves by Satya Paul- One can never go wrong with ties. They enhance a man’s personality. Gift him an appropriate one that’ll make him a winner at his workplace. From polkas to stripes to fancy and quirky prints, ties make a great gift option.


5 christmas gift options for him !!|Feministaa.com



  • Cookbook: Yes, you read that right! Cooking is no more the sole prerogative of women. Cookbooks are a great thing to present men with, especially bachelors who live by themselves. Little do we know that men are as interested in cooking as women. The rise in the number of male chefs around the world and culinary books and shows that cater especially to men bear testimony to this fact.


5 christmas gift options for him !!|Feministaa.com



So do explore these options when you go searching for the perfect gifts for him!

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