Winter fashion dose for 2016 !!

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 28/12/2015


Winters are here and they are here to stay !! Rather than cribbing about the chill, might as well have some fun with your look this winter season. Well, winters give you another reason to look for your purse and make a run for a shopping spree ! Here are five different ways in which you can save yourself from this chill.


Booty Boots :


Traditionally boots are made of leather or rubber. They not only protect your feet but also add a chic quotient to your boring look. With or without heels, boots are a must haves for the winter season.  If you think the only two colours are black and brown, wait till you see the tremendous variety and make your own pick. You can also go for a pair of boots which covers your knees while wearing a tight fitted jeans or jeggings. Boots also add to the glamour element while wearing a short dress. Next time you head out for a party, do try the knee length boots with your dress.


Trendy winter hats:


When one can add style to their feet, then why leave the head? You might be under the impression that a cap cannot be the most trendy accessory you would like to add to your winter closet. Guess what, you are wrong !


Beanie crochet caps and turban hats are the trendiest picks this season. Even simple printed caps with that of your favourite cartoon or superhero will make you look super cool and funky.


Warm Scarves/ Stoles :


You can go for a variety of scarves matching with your outfit. Pashmina stoles are a hot pick this season. What you should be more particular with in terms of scarves or stoles is the way you wear them, because the same scarf may not look good in case you wear it the wrong way. It might make you look like more of an outcast instead of fashionable. There are various ways of wearing the same scarf, so don’t be scared to experiment and chose a different look whenever you head out.



Woollen dresses:


Yes, you read it right ! A woollen dress ! In winters, normally we keep away dresses and cry over the fact that we won’t be able to wear them due to the cold weather. But ladies, if you go to the right shops, you will end up finding a huge variety of warm dresses, which you can wear for your New Year Parties. If you like wearing jumpsuits or your summer dresses,  you can always add a leather jacket or a smart stole which will match with your attire.


Experiment with your look from the last season and surprise your colleagues and friends with a new and fashionable you.


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