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Every democratic nation tries to take the responsibility of the welfare of their citizens.  Women are still a minority in India which is noticeable. Their improving  stature in the society has been a result of the various efforts by the government and the society as well. As a result, the state tries to introduce different schemes and policies from time to time to tackle this.


The issue of female foeticide is a grave one. It is very rampant especially in the northern part of the country, mostly in Haryana. With the sex ratio of the country showing a poor reality of 927 girls per 1000 boys, the state is making efforts to arrive at a solution to this problem and achieve stability with the sex ratio difference.


The campaign ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ was launched on 22nd January 2015 to eradicate female foeticide and ensure the welfare of the girl child. It includes a number of policies and programs which are directed towards educating young girls below the age of 18 years.


One such scheme as a part of this campaign is the ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana’ (SSY).


  • Under the scheme, the parents or legal guardian of a girl child, aged less than 10 years can open an account for their child.

  • Offers a high rate of interest, currently at 9.2%.

  • This scheme is meant to secure the girl child’s education and marriage expenses in the future.

  • It is regulated by the Ministry of Finance. It allows a minimum deposit of ₹1000 per year and a maximum of ₹1, 50,000 per year.

  • Investment in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana scheme is exempted from Income Tax under section 80C.

  • The scheme also allows for 50% withdrawal to meet educational expenses after 18 years of age.

  • The procedure involved in opening the account is hassle-free and requires very few documents for it.

  • These include the birth certificate of the girl child, identity proof and the residence proof.


Within less than 3 months of its opening, more than 2 lakh accounts were opened. The unique aspect of this account is that it is not just meant for people with a low economic status, but for every girl child irrespective of her socio-economic background, provided she meets the criteria.


Such schemes are helpful in elevating the status of women in the society and providing them with incentives so as to be at a greater advantage. The aim is that no girl should be forced to give up her education, while comprising on her family’s income which is a major reason why poor families deny education to the girls in their family.


So, if you are a parent or guardian of a girl child who is less than 10 years of age, then you should definitely open an account under this scheme.


Encourage others around you to do the same. 


After all, It’s our responsibility to elevate the ‘Samriddhi’ and secure the future of our daughters.


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