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Mrs Ishi Khosla is a multi-faceted woman. She is a practicing clinical nutritionist, consultant, author and an entrepreneur.


She is one of those courageous women who made her passion to be her profession. Passionate about nutrition and a strong believer in the power of foods, she spearheaded, the first of its kind, a health food company ‘Whole Foods India’, in the business of producing and retailing health foods and operating health cafes to the increasingly health conscious lot of today. According to Ms. Khosla, her initiative emerged out of a ‘need’. The need was to provide access and availability to healthy and nutritious food options.



Ishi Khosla has also been writing extensively and contributes regularly to India’s leading publications including  magazines and newspapers. She has authored three books –‘The Cholesterol Facts way back in 1996’ and recently ‘Is Wheat Killing You?’ in 2011 and ‘The Diet Doctor’ in May 2013, both published by Penguin Books. Presently, she is working on her fourth book.



She is actively involved in clinical practice at the ‘Centre for Dietary Counseling’ at New Delhi, where she deals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, gatro-intestinal problems, allergies etc.



As part of her commitment towards community nutrition and public health, Ms. Khosla founded the ‘Celiac Society for Delhi’, NOW ‘The Celiac Society of India’;  the first of its kind in India, to spread awareness about Celiac disease, a condition caused by wheat intolerance.



Ms. Khosla is also the founder of, India’s first fully online weight management portal based on scientific principles and guidelines developed over 20 years of clinical practice in nutrition. The portal brings scientific dietary guidance to a customer’s laptop and delivers personalized dietary guidance and interactive monitoring tools to help people lose weight.



It was our privilege to interview Mrs Khosla and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours.


Stay tuned for the second part! 


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