Ovenderful by Simran : Raising Funds through Baking

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“I have never wanted my identity to be just a mum.”


This concept might be popular in the western world, but this homegrown entrepreneur had the courage to begin something like this in India.


Based out of Bangalore, Simran’s “Ovenderful” started out as a basic blog. She kept inventing stuff, creating and baking on her own. Like they say, it’s important to keep inventing and re-inventing in your business, she kept doing the same, and continued blogging about her creative experiments with baking.


“Becoming a mother was very important to me! But it wasn’t the only thing important to me!”




Simran’s blog “Ovenderful” gained immense popularity over a period of time. Her friends, family etc started trying out her unique recipes, and finally after a year of being a mother, she decided to do this commercially.


Being an HR consultant for 11 years, she had the acumen and experience required to run a professional set up, but of course, managing and balancing time between family and business take a lot of perseverance.


After having her child, Simran was still working. But she felt an urge to “re-visit” herself. She used to bake, for her husband mostly; but now it was time for her to take it to the next level.


“Bake Sales for fundraising is a fun concept!”


Of Course for Simran, it was something that she was doing completely out of passion. She started raising funds for NGO’s and animal shelters; and did pretty well!


Now, she is actively into raising funds through baking. Simran is part of an initiative called the Bake Collective. Using bake sales, they raise funds for NGO’s like Goonj, Milaap etc.


Today, Ovenderful is collaborating with various associations to popularise the concept of raising funds through baking. And now there is looking back for Simran!


Advice to Young entrepreneurs


“Resilience is of utmost importance while starting a business”


Simran highlights the fact that, women can have the ability to take a risk, and follow their passion, but what it takes to really do well in a business is resilience.


Having support of family members is very essential. While one is out there setting up the business, support from home, support from people who believe in the same as you do, is very very important.


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