When Love Pushes You Away

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 12/01/2016


It’s hard to absorb it when the only person in the world you chose to be with turns your life into a living hell.


There was a time when his favourite part of the day was talking to you and the favourite meal of the day was with you. And now is the time when you see his worst side. He doesn’t even want to see you. Now, he might as well spend this time with his friends whom he used to bad mouth or rather run his errands which he had never thought of earlier. How did this happen ? How did he become so numb to this love which was like morning sunshine? How did it become so empty ?


 Yes, sometimes love becomes more of a suffocating bondage which not everyone can absorb and the only way to make yourself feel better would be to completely escape out of the relationship.


Sage words, “Love is nothing more than a bondage”. But only when you thought love is turning out to be the most beautiful experience for you, it turned into the biggest nightmare of all. When the nights are colder than they use to feel, and days feel emptier than ever, you know that love is not as rosy as you thought it would be. Love comes with its consequences.


It’s not “he” who pushed you away, its the love.


It was the love he once craved for and was desperate to experience.


But, when it finally hit him that he’s got it all, his ego made a move. This move was in an attempt to experience something better, which was more like freedom. What you thought was love, was actually his bondage which made him feel caged. This love which made you feel empowered, beautiful and powerful is now powerless, weak and hollow. Its nothing now but a broken toy. His suffocated self resulted in ending this relationship.


But don’t you worry, it was never you, it was the love.


Blame love , not yourself for the relentless struggles and the empty nights.


So whats the lesson learnt ?


Next time, you let yourself fall for an idiot, make sure the love doesn’t overpower your senses and ends up making a fool out of you.


Rather than making yourself a victim of the fallout, its important to take control your emotions rather than letting love controlling you. If you can control even 10% of your mind and emotions, life ain’t that hard.


Staff Feministaa

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