Do You know About India’s First Transgender Band !!

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 15/01/2016


While the world is busy trying to fight for equality between the two genders, the third has been left overlooked.While there are many to speak for the women community, very few exist to speak for the transgender community.


In 2014,  the Supreme Court of India declared the transgender community as a socially and economically backward class entitled to reservations in education and employment.  The government was asked to frame welfare schemes for the transgender community. Where they have been a part of the society at least for centuries now, their rights were recognised as late as in 2014.


The year 2016 has brought something new and exciting. Its India’s first transgender Band. That’s right people.


And it’s rightly called the ‘6 Pack Band’!!!



While you must have shaken a leg or two listening to Pharrell William’s chartbuster ” Happy Happy “, this latest rendition of it is by all means make you much more happier and prouder! You would have never imagined to witness this.There’s nothing extraordinary about a single being released but it becomes one, when it’s the FIRST TRANSGENDER BAND of the country.


Y-Films, one of the subsidiaries of Yash Raj Films (YRF) released the video. It stated that the song “celebrates togetherness by depicting a more welcoming world”.


Actor Anushka Sharma, who herself is one of the foremost advocates of gender equality, rightly puts it in the video describing them as a community “ignored by most, tolerated by some and misunderstood by all”.


This initiative is without a positive step towards the cause. But it’s bitter truth that the transgenders still remain largely alienated in the society.
If we wish to achieve equality in the true essence, the process of their inclusion in this society needs to be accelerated which can only happen when we STOP visualising them as the “other category” and make them a part of “our community”.


Feministaa congratulates Y-Films for this initiative !!


Staff Feministaa

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