Food Tips for a Healthy Vagina !!

By Staff Feministaa in Health & Nutrition 20/01/2016

Have you ever wondered, what food does your vagina require to remain healthy ? After all, it’s an organ and you do need to keep it happy !!


To overcome dryness, try nuts and dark leafy greens!


Have you ever experienced vaginal dryness ?


The causes vary from psychological factors like anxiety to hormonal changes or medical effects. If that is the case, then you should switch to having loads of nuts in your meals. Be it walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or almonds, they contain a high amounts of vitamin E, which is good for your vaginal health. Nuts prevent dryness. Also, dark leafy greens are naturally blood purifying, which help in improving the circulation and even speeds up stimulation.


Fermented Foods help in maintaining adequate Ph Levels


Ph level usually changes during menstruation,  as blood has a ph level of 7.4 but during your periods, the ph level is elevated. Sometimes, even breastfeeding or menopause can lead to an imbalance in your ph level as the oestrogen levels are low. If your Ph level is less, then you should try to have fermented food items such as kimchi, miso, Sauerkraut, as they help in maintaining the correct Ph  levels and also fight against UTIs and yeast infections.



How about an upliftment of your sexual desires ?


Yes, till now you had no clue that such a solution exists! Incase, you want to have a better libido, then you no longer need to be anxious or troubled. The solution is pretty simple, eat Avocado. These are healthy fats which help in making the vaginal wall stronger . They contain vitamin B6 and potassium, which help in boosting up a woman’s libido. If you have a craving for dark chocolates, then the world is yours, as eating dark chocolates also help in raising your libido.  It is rich in flavonoids which are a great source of antioxidants. Just one piece of it can do wonders !


Water is mandatory for every organ 


As children, you must be asked to cleanse your vagina with soap but you will learn that most doctors advise that it is harmful to do so.


So what to use if not soaps ? The answer is just water. But, keep in mind that the water must be warm. If you use soap then it can cause a disequilibrium in its ph levels, and result in an infection, even irritation and a foul smell. Also, avoid using feminine sprays, as they wash out all the healthy bacteria which helps your vagina stay infection free and clean.


Preventing the UTI trouble


UTIs occur when bad bacteria end up having an overwhelming presence over the good bacteria. In such a case, go for a cranberry juice but do not forget that a juice bought from the market will contain mostly sugar which will further worsen the situation. So, if you have home made juice,  its considered to be better as they are full of acidic compounds which help in fighting against UTI’s.


Still amazed at the various foods which can help you have a healthy vagina ?


After all, a happy and a healthy vagina is an important part of a woman’s health.


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