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By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 22/01/2016

When one says, “a small town girl”, the picture of a docile, petite girl in an indian suit makes for the perfect match . She probably doesn’t even know how to talk in english, being diffident is in her genes. It is highly doubtful that one can imagine an image of an outgoing, bold, opinionated and an ambitious woman with a go-getter attitude.


But things have changed and now we have come across women who are out there achieving the zenith of fame, while being born and bought in small towns. We are talking about our very own “Desi Girl”, the enchanting Priyanka Chopra. She has been quoted in the past saying that she grew up as a shy girl, who didn’t believe that she was beautiful, not confident about her dusky complexion and certainly had never imagined that she would go on to become Miss World!!


Priyanka Chopra was born in the small yet widely known town of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. She became Miss World at the age of 18, joined the Film Industry and almost invented the term ‘Desi Girl’  which is being used with popular resonance now . She is a national award winning actor and one of the few female actors turned producers. She has left no stone unturned. Priyanka has managed to grab any and every opportunity which has come her way. There are very few women who have the capability to tap their full potential in their early years of life. The reserve of her talent is in abundance and she was very well aware of this . A talented soul, Priyanka follows the YOLO ideology. No wonder, she has experimented with all dimensions of creativity from acting to singing to production.


Ms. Chopra says she is in a competition with herself. To do better. To do something bigger.


She is one of the very few actresses who played a negative role during the starting years of her career. She even won a national award for the film, “Fashion” which shows the dark reality of the modelling world. The world that she initially started her career with. Talk about taking bold steps!


Ms Chopra has been associated with various social organisations and  causes for more than a decade. She has been an ambassador for UNICEF, strongly advocated for child rights and also for the education of the girl child. She says she wants to make full use of her celebrity status for the betterment of humanity.


Recently, she has also been heard saying that she is a feminist and  she stands for equal rights for women especially in terms of pay.


The sky is not the limit for Priyanka and it did not come as a shocker when she was chosen to be in the lead role of a hollywood TV series named” Quantico” . She is not just an indian actress anymore, she is a global superstar. Also, she just bagged the the People’s Choice Award for the same which means that now the world loves her too and appreciates her talent.



Not underestimating the multi-tasking abilities of a woman, Ms Chopra never ceases to surprise us. She has made us very proud of her. She is the doting daughter who loves her parents immensely and is a true inspiration to women all over the world.


She only reiterates the fact that if women are given the right opportunity, follow their instincts, and are hard-working, her place of birth and the society’s approval does not matter.


Feministaa is a true fan of the “Desi Girl”. We wish to make her a part of the Feministaa Community in the near Future 


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