Sakshi Monga says, ‘Pretty Please Me’!

By Sonia Motwani in Starting Up 12/02/2016

Haven’t you gone back to your jewellery box which has your complete collection of earrings, yet, you thought nothing was matching?


“That’s how PrettyPleaseMe was born,” says Sakshi Monga, founder Pretty Please Me


Just like us, Sakshi Monga,  wanted to keep her handbags neat and safe. Keeping bags organised in the wardrobe, dust free and wrinkle free was a challenge. And then this young illustrious designer in her came up with a design of her own and she got it manufactured. That’s how the idea of Pretty Please Me sprung up!


We all have had days with cluttered wardrobes, scattered accessories, messy drawers, pilled scarves, stuffed bags and lost ornaments and PrettyPleaseMe helps to manage all that with ease.


Started in June 2014, her idea was to creatively organise a girl’s accessories in an ingenious style. This brand has innovatively resolved the everyday nuisances of organising a woman’s wardrobe. The products are benchmarked in accessory organizing that not only put them in order, but pretty up the place!


Sakshi began her entrepreneurial journey with immense support from her parents. “My parents were never skeptical about my decision. In fact, they are a part of Team ‘PrettyPleasMe’. My sister helps me with the branding and marketing. Also, mom has the best eye when it comes to buying and dad is always there for account related problems,” says the enthusiastic girl.


My biggest motivation is the love and support I get from my clients


Lipstick Organizers, Multipurpose Storage Trunks, Wall mounted Jewellery Stand, Scarf Hangers and Bag Stands in the quirkiest designs are available in their flagship store at Select City Walk Mall in Saket (Delhi) and outlet at Hauz Khas Village. “Though we have a store only in the capital currently, we are also available in Meharchand Market and Punjabi Bagh in Delhi, Vanilla Home in Ahmedabad and Bunglow in Kanpur,” adds Monga.


From jewellery boxes to utility trays, and even cookie jars, PPM is organising just right. Products coloured in Teals, pastel pinks, limes, powder blues, tangerine, they would catch the eye of any person walking past their outlets!


Products gets replicated very quickly, which sometimes is very disheartening as we work hard to create something that people just end up copying!


Through the journey, Sakshi has become more calm and patient as a person. “My work involves in dealing with both my clients and vendors and that has made me a more understanding person. Also, I understand the hard work one has to put into work to earn the money, so i value money more now,” she says.


As a message for future womenpreneurs, she says, “Believe in yourself and your dreams. Nothing is impossible, all it takes it determination, will power and support to make things happen.”


Website Link: PrettyPleaseMe


Sonia Motwani

A full time business analyst and a passionate writer, she is hopelessly attracted to the passionate struggle story that every women entrepreneur has lived today! We possibly couldn’t have had someone better than her to write about women achieving new heights in the startup sector!


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