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By Sonia Motwani in Starting Up 15/02/2016

An engineer by profession, Prasitha Sridhar worked for a while at an IT job before she got married and moved to London. “While it was all a new amazing life in London, at one point I knew I wanted to do something with the passion I’ve always had for shopping and working with weddings,” says Prasitha. What started off with a blog about her own wedding shopping which became a website where people wanted to get featured on! That’s when Prasitha initiated ‘Shopzters’ with her mother and introduced it as a South Indian Wedding  Planning website.


My family was very supportive of what I wanted to do, that was enough for me to shut out what the rest of the society thought about me when I was pursuing my passion


During ideation, Shopzters did not really sound practical to many people, but Prasitha was insistent on following her passion. She started blogging during her pregnancy and Shopzters got in full swing right after her daughter was born. “All my efforts in those 4 months paid off and here I am, watching Shopzters reach out to so many people around the world!” she says happily.


It isn’t easy to chase your passions, but once you start it off, you might as well wait and watch where it leads you


Prasitha starts her day by managing the entire household work along with the baby. Managing a child and a startup at the same time might not be an easy task, but she loves it this way. “I think my passion and my commitment to that passion is what drives me to look forward to new things every day!” she says. Her husband and parents support her in every way possible and push her to pursue her passion.


She gives a message to all the husbands and fathers of womenpreneurs, “Women have a lot of potential in them. They can be very creative, they’re mentally strong and they can easily juggle between lots of things. It’s up to the men, to make them feel special and give them some space and freedom, so that they will feel encouraged to chase their passion,” she says.


The Business

Shopzters is striving to help To-Be-Weds by making the process of ‘pulling off their Wedding’, a beautiful and fun memory, which is otherwise a hassle and sometimes quite stressful. They have Decors, Photographers, Wedding Planners, Make-Up Artists, Invite Ideas, and Boutiques, all under one roof.

They have helped over 10,000 brides and grooms get connected with the best vendors according to their preference and Wedding Style.


While Prasitha has been lucky to have received support from her family, she says that it would not have been possible alone. “There’s another person who has all along been sacrificing way too many things trying to help me chase my passion. My Mom!” she adds with a smile. A pillar of Prasitha’s strength, Jayshree Sridhar has helped her daughter in every possible way to make Shopzters a success.


My mom has sacrificed & quit her job as a Recruitment Consultant to help me build my dream. There is no way Shopzters would have gotten this far without her!



Reaching the right people, be it brides, readers, vendors, resources is a big challenge they face. The company has come this far without spending a lot on advertisements! “A major chunk of the credit goes to Facebook! It has helped me to reach out to countless people from every nook and corner of the world!” adds the founder.


Through her journey, Prasitha has learnt to plan wisely and stay organized. “I discovered to never give up, to be persistent, passionate and patient,” she says. The mother of a two year old, advises the future womenpreneurs to get out of their comfort zones.

“Women can turn the world around and make it the best place to live in. Ladies, be bold and always be optimistic because nothing is impossible!” she ends by saying.


Facebook page: Shopzters


Sonia Motwani

A full time business analyst and a passionate writer, she is hopelessly attracted to the passionate struggle story that every women entrepreneur has lived today! We possibly couldn’t have had someone better than her to write about women achieving new heights in the startup sector!


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