Sonali Gupta

By Staff Feministaa in Celebrity Interviews 12/03/2016

One of our handpicked Feministaas, Sonali Gupta is a professional Model and a renowned Anchor. She is the perfect combination of an ambitious Indian woman with the perfect tint of glamour required to create a spark. Feministaa spoke to Sonali about her tumultuous yet exciting journey.


A Wise Man once said: Find your passion and make it your profession, Thats what I did , says Sonali


Since the tender age of 13, Sonali wanted to be a part of the glamour industry. Having been gifted with a beautiful face and a keen desire to achieve, there was nothing to stop her from achieving her dreams. Her only motivation was to transform her dream into a reality. The tables turned in the year 2002, when Sonali did her first ever ramp show. There was no looking back after that.


She feels truly blessed when it comes to receiving support from her husband and her family. Her husband has always encouraged her to chase her passion. Although, things have become different post marriage and there are always some limitations for women for the kind of career path they should choose, Sonali was a rebel and created her own path into the world of glamor. Today, she feels self fulfilled and content with her journey because she loves what she is doing and she encourages other aspiring models to do the same.


“So if u have a passion & you are ready to work hard enough to achieve it, Success will be Yours”, Says the Model


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