4 Inspirational Young Designers you should look out for in 2016 !!

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 21/03/2016

Designers come and go. But these ladies are here to stay !!


Here is a handpicked list of talented fashion designers who are on their way up 


Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar


I believe as much we may look at external objects or factors for inspiration, inspiration always comes from inside. I feel that a positive approach to do your very best each day is the biggest source of inspiration for me. We believe that our USP is that, as our name suggests, is that in our designing we have a wonderful balance between the loud and subtle which makes our outfits very wearable for all occasions. We believe that we create beautiful silhouettes and combine it with intricate hand crafted techniques of embroidery & embellishments to really create something extraordinary.




I feel that I am myself a budding fashion designer and as a fellow budding fashion designer, I would say this to all the talented designers- Positivity, Hard work, Persistence and Faith is all you need! Be sincere and it will show!


Hirika Jagani


I started my label with a vision of taking fashion to a next level. My love for exclusive handcrafted garments is one of the vital principle this label functions on. Coming to the inspirations, I believe that every small thing in this world can become an inspiration if you want to make it an inspiration. I think taking inspirations from small things and creating something magnificent out of them, is what makes us different as a label. Young designers get carried away too easily. The only advice I would offer them is to just follow your instincts and stay true to yourself and your work.




People think being a boss is an easy task. However, when you step into those shoes, you realize the weight of that responsibility. Holding on to the entire team  and making them work as a single team, can be a difficult task. You have to be everywhere and it just seems impossible to hold on to things together in your mind. But, designing is something I love to do and these struggles and efforts I put in, definitely look worth the price.


Saachi Thahryamal


There is a really famous quote by Coco Chanel which always spoke volumes to me – “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.


Honestly, a lot of factors affect my designing skills like the nature, architecture, people and even the culture. To be a designer doesn’t limit me to only researching on the ramp shows or the Pantone books! It’s so much more than this, it’s about imagining strangers loving what you are trying to create and trying to get into the minds of people, you might not even know! It’s like science but fun.




I create things that speak to me, that I love. What others are doing doesn’t concern me, in fact without competition, it wouldn’t be fun at all. Apart from this, I keep trying to create new things which don’t currently exist.  I try new fabrics, unique embroideries and trendy cuts.


Work hard, try to create things that don’t already exist, get in the minds of your clients and LOVE what you do! My mother always said “Have your own handwriting”- and I have been working since day 1 to achieve that!


Urbane Label 


When your customers appreciate your work – it definitely is a wonderful feeling which helps us push ourselves to give something innovative, wearable and most importantly affordable to our clients.




Our core lies at minimalistic, contemporary and urban-chic wear. Apart from our unique designs, we give a lot of importance to our impeccable quality and finishing without burning a hole in the pocket. Made-to-measure is our main forte and we customise as per the client requirements to make them feel comfortable.


It’s very important to have a clear vision about your brand aesthetic and how you want to lead the brand. This will always help you focus and bring your own value to styles and design in the sea of designers and brands. Also take baby steps, get some work experience and technicals skills like photoshop or pattern making.


Feministaa wishes all the best to all these young ladies !! Get inspired with their stories and chase your passion in the field of design.


Staff Feministaa

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