10 Feministaa Quotes to Kickstart your Entrepreneurial Journey

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 23/03/2016

Inspirational women are those who form a sincere community to give it back to the society. Over the past year, we have come across women from various walks of life, spoken to them about their journeys, the challenges they have faced and how did they overcome those. Its been a beautiful journey and here are some of our favourite moments which we have captured here.


Shabana Aazmi talks about gender bias. Women should be given equal credit and recognition for their work.




Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman SBI says there is hardly anything which you cannot do. It’s all in the mind and  you are capable of doing anything and everything you want to do.




Gabriella Demetriades says that looks have nothing to do with the functioning of your brain. The society will judge you for how you look, but don’t get affected by that. Break the stereotype and move forward.




Sonali Gupta says being unique is what you should aim for. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing or what everyone else wants you to do. Do what you heart says and do it differently.




Prerana Langa says don’t wait for any miracle to happen. You are the creator of your own ‘miracle moment’. There is no right or wrong moment for anything in this world. Take the plunge when you have made up your mind.




Aditi Goel says find your happy space in what you do. Don’t force yourself to do what you don’t want to do. Choose something different if that suits you, its better than doing something you don’t want to do.



Pernia Qureshi says, don’t worry what people have to say about you.  Let your work speak for itself. Your handwork reflects in the quality of your work. Let the society judge for your work and not for how you look.




Sejal Mehta says put your mind, heart and soul into your work. Just make sure it’s worth the effort and you are getting something substantial out of it. But, be patient with the results. Never expect immediate gains.




Sonali Gupta talks about her innate love for the glamour industry from the time she was just 13 years old. There is always a need to have a burning desire to make it big.




Arundhati Bhattacharya says that people really overthink and make the situation more complicated than it actually is . It’s not always required to overthink about a problem , Just do it.  Its easier that way.




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