Unveiling the Truth Behind ‘Wife Swapping Culture’ in India

By Shriya Sinha in Fashion & Lifestyle 31/03/2016

India today is following a new trend of cheating but with consent. People from all walks of life are a part of this. The conventional India is not coy any longer to the concept of wife swapping culture. From a bowl of car keys to a pair of louboutin to choose from, they have it all figured out in their kitty.


A country where the institution of marriage is placed at the highest priority for both men and women and the concepts of chastity and loyalty are highly spoken about are taking a higher road and indulging in the act of consensual infidelity.


Wife swapping is the act of rolling in the hay with other man’s wife with mutual consent to satisfy their libido.


To pursue the rendezvous, couples get invited to private house parties, elite clubs, farm houses and underground parties, each with a theme of their own. The rules of engagement are that only the interested couples are invited in such parties. Cell phones and cameras are not allowed for confidentiality purposes. A complete background check-up of all the interested couples is carried out to ensure that there are no fakes involved as it can pose to be a threat. For the greenhorns, few days prior to the wife swapping party, a casual lunch is organised where only the husbands are invited and the rules are explicitly laid down.


In the next meeting,  the wives are met to explain them the rules governing the swap. The interested couples have to invest a sum of money which is utilized to organise the wife swapping parties just like a kitty party. A proper health check up is also a mandate for the couples to avoid the risk of STD’s and other highly communicable diseases. When the night is about to conclude, the husbands are required to pick up a pair of heels. Accordingly, the respective owner of those heels gets swapped with the wife of the man in custody of those heels for a night long casual shag.


The Indian wife swapping network has its roots spread wildly not only in the metro cities but also across many small towns and upcoming cities. It’s spreading like an influenza which is warmly welcomed by like minded couples with wide open arms, no guilt but sheer pangs of excitement about the contraband of epicurean acts to follow their way. Our law does not validate wife swapping as an illegal act as it is sponsored by the connotation of mutual consent of both the partners’ attached along.


Due to the rise in the wife swapping culture, there has been a proportional increase in the extra martial affairs and the ugly truth is the couples are well aware of this reality and accept their partner’s paramours.


People who venture into this concept of wife swapping with an idea of exploring, gradually find themselves assimilated into this quagmire so much that it turns into a habit, a way of living for many. For many couples, it graduates into an addiction with serious implications on their married lives and their children are ones who face the music. Majorly, couples who lack a sense of strong emotional approach and lead an insecure relationship with trust issues as a regular visitor, have their names frequently printed on these wife swapping parties invitation cards.


Today, people across all the nations are leading a life of self actualisation powered with a hedonistic approach irrespective of whether the acts of indulgence are on the moral or the immoral side. India has also added this flavour of wife swapping on its menu, so much that it has become a viable alternative to the concept of extra marital flings. Now, Wife swapping in India has stepped up to a celebrated platform as it fulfils the need to break away from the shackles of a monotonous married life and enter into a dimension of coitus excitement with mutual understanding and no guilt trips.


Shriya Sinha

I have an hungry appetite purely inclined towards writing. My talent orientation is sports friendly. I binge eat to survive. SHRIYA SINHA? Yes this is she!


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