TimeSaverz is a Life Saver for the Working Women

By Staff Feministaa in Starting Up 01/04/2016

Debadutta Upadhyaya’s Timesaverz is a one stop platform for cleaning services. It’s actually a great way to save time for the working women. This venture originated from her personal need of wanting a plumber on time to fix a leakage in her bathroom. This proves that once you identify a need in the market, your work is half done.


Timesaverz is more than a cleaning focused on-demand services company. Within the coverage of 6 categories of services i.e. cleaning, beauty, laundry, repairs, pest control and handymen , we cover almost 70% of the at-home service requirements an Indian household normally has. The on-time quality service promise that Timesaverz stands for is hugely beneficial to working men and women as well as elderly couples and bachelors, segments of audience from whom we are noticing a high offtake too. And there is a significant socio-cultural shift that’s brewing in the way of working women embracing the idea of creating me-time for themselves by outsourcing some of these mundane chores to professional helpers like Timesaverz.


Feministaa asked Debadutta if she has ever faced any discrimination or biases during her entrepreneurial journey. Fortunately, she has been lucky enough to not have faced any. Debadutta says, “I have always maintained that entrepreneurship is a journey that doesn’t differentiate between a man or a woman. The paths are almost similar except that in case of a women one needs an extra cover of a very supportive family”.




Inspiration is not a need but a necessity today. We all need to see light at the end of the tunnel and we all start from a dark spot. When Feministaa asked Debadutta about her inspiration, she answered by listing three things :


    • The very idea of being India’s 1st e-services company was exciting enough.


    • Also, the 5 billion dollar opportunity that this industry poses made the decision more relevant and


  • Lastly, It was borne out of personal struggle to get a plumber on time that resonated among many of my ilk, thereby providing the test bed for the need gap that existed for on-demand home services.


Most importantly, Lovnish, who is the co-founder was the one who made the decision easier because in the entrepreneurial journey, having the right partner is so very critical”. Says the founder of Timesaverz.


All working women face some kind of struggles in terms balancing their personal life and professional life. It could result in sacrificing or letting go of some important moments in life.  But,  Debadutta has no regrets. She says, ” I wouldn’t term it as a sacrifice but in the initial days, the disproportionate amount of time that one needs to spend just to get things going, at times, puts a strain on work-life balance, especially in a nuclear family with a growing kid”.


There is no set path to success. Everyone has to chart her own journey. But it’s important to be driven by the conviction all through and let that be the guiding principle for the entire team to work on.


Thank You Debadutta Upadhyaya for sharing your journey with Feministaa. We truly support women like you who are on their way to make a mark with their hard work and utmost perseverance.


Try Timesaverz for yourself : www.timesaverz.com

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