Marissa Mayer, CEO Of Yahoo is Criticised for a Short Maternity Leave !!

By Staff Feministaa in Health & Nutrition 09/05/2016

Have you ever heard of  a Man being criticised for a short Paternity Leave ?

Its a fact that 75% of new mothers take their full leave at Yahoo. Marisa Mayer has been slammed hard by the critics for not taking the Maternity Leave seriously.


In 2012, Mayer had her first child and she took just two weeks before she got back on her job. This move was heavily scrutinised by the Media.  Also, last year, Marissa gave birth to twins but once again she was criticised for taking a short leave which was less than a month.


The society has always played the gender card wrong and made the woman in question pay for her decision. Even if its the CEO of Yahoo, she is not spared for anything. Her recent decision of taking a short Maternity leave has left the world in space of ambiguity. People are concerned as to why is she an exception to the duration for a maternity leave, which is a part of their internal policy.

“I understand I’m the exception” – Marissa Mayer

Her personal decision of taking her job more seriously than her time off for the motherly chores,  has not been taken on a positive note. It’s unfortunate that a personal choice of getting back to work early is being criticised. What should be criticised is,  if a woman takes advantage of her Maternity Leave but not for getting back to her job.


We believe that her decision is more of a family matter and not a matter of  concern for the society. Indeed, a personal choice is not really respected in the gender driven society like ours.


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