For I have been the judge of my actions !!

By Saloni Jain in Health & Nutrition 10/05/2016

For I have been the judge of my actions
I blame or praise none for my achievements
For my thoughts were controlled by logical analysis
(for my actions are driven by logical approach)
If I rise, I’ll be me
If I do not, I’ll still be me
As it’s a lesson learnt
And not a wastage of time
Yes, I’m a girl
I grow, I fall, but I never lose


We relate experience with materialistic achievements
Sorry to disappoint
Experience comes from living those moments
And not just weaving a hypothetical web of acquisition.
This patriarchal society
Cannot pull me down


I understand the fact that
humans are complicated beings
For we talk about self reliance, compare monetary achievements
Ignoring the basic criteria
Mere thoughts of self reliance and comparison ends
When you uplift yourself from materialistic desire.
Go, seek happiness
It belongs to you
But do not attach a condition
Else you, yourself will be responsible for the downfall.


Saloni Jain

Saloni is an epitome of sarcasm with the right amount of humor in her writing combining with extracts from her personal experiences. She anyday enjoys a cup of hot Americano, good music and she’s a weekend party lover.


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