Why men hide their feelings ?

By Staff Feministaa in Health & Nutrition 02/06/2016

Men are strong,

Men are muscular

Men don’t cry and

Men are not soft hearted.

Feelings are a sign of weakness.

When we talk about “feelings”, we all picture an image of a teary eyed girl speaking out her heart. Why is that so ? Why don’t we picture a man speaking out his heart? Are feelings a sign of weakness ?


Men feel that any outburst of emotions is an insult to their masculine image. A man has always grown up listening to this one statement, which is “Boys don’t cry”. Unfortunately, they have taken this a bit too seriously. So seriously, that in order to hide their feelings, they have to adapt to an alter ego which will save them from being put in the “emotional” category. Being superior is like meat to them, which they constantly feed on. They fear that “feelings and emotions” might just make them feel a little inferior. Feelings are just a way of proving that they have given it all away at once.

Being dominant, authoritative and powerful are three prime factors which make men feel existent.

It takes strength to face the war when time comes, one option is to run away and the other option is to face the war with courage. Some men prefer to go with the former to the latter. By pretending not to get affected by anything, they use it as a defence mechanism and run away from making conversations and arguments which could result in the emergence of so called “feelings” and make them feel weak and powerless.


Its true that men run away from conversations and arguments most of the times. They think conversations related to solving issues with their respective partners are futile and this will just drag the topic even more. In terms of solving relationship issues or marital problems, men don’t want solutions, they rather want things to be their way and often just wait for problems to find their own solutions. Men hate it when women cry, they feel helpless and annoyed because now they know that this conversation will go on forever and he is to be blamed for a problem he doesn’t even know exists.


Alcohol is a great friend, when it comes to talking out one’s heart. What happens then? Does alcohol kill a man’s alter ego ? Well, what alcohol does is gives them a free pass to let go and gives their rested ego a shout to come and speak out the damn thing. The treasure box of emotions gets a kick now and then, when Jack Daniels plays his card right.


The bottom line is that men feel as much women do, they just have various reasons to hide them to get out situations and keep their power intact. They can’t stand being described with adjectives like being sensitive, soft hearted or emotional. They just wear a pretentious mask to hide what we women call “feelings”.


So Ladies, to make a man speak out his heart, don’t be a teary eyed damsel in distress, offer him practical solutions and make him look up to you as a peacekeeper rather than a trouble maker.


Staff Feministaa

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