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By Kavita Shyam in Fashion & Lifestyle 23/06/2016

Are you set to go on a vacation? Chuck the hair tongs, iron and blow dryer, instead get a few hairstyles and cuts in place to save you worrying around endlessly about the look of your crowning glory! After all, when you are on the road the last thing you want to do is worry about your fussy do or high maintenance hair. Here’s how you can make style statements with your hair.


Your hairstyle or haircut can make or break your entire look. We decode some effortless styles! Here are some holiday worthy hairdo’s from us, so you can channel your inner goddess this vacation:


  • Don the wet look, yes the pool look is ruling the season now. This unfussy, textured, sleek and swept back, sharply parted look gives a healthy and neat look. Go to the beach or to the hills or to a sparkling soiree in this hair-do and you are sure to win hearts!

  • The laid-back low ponytails are the chicest look in town. In fact low, side ponytails are quite a rage. This is your best bet during and after your holiday. Sweep your hair over the ears and pull the upper lobe out, or wear it on the side with the upper section of the hair looped around your band. While you are at it, have a few face-framing strands peeking out to give you the careful-careless look!

  • A top knot or a piled up has been travel-friendly with almost every girl we know! Sweep the hair into a ponytail and then roll sections around the base and pin them in place. Sweep the remaining hair up towards the crown and roll into a bun.

  • Designer Braids are the holiday favorite, fun and fancy! Enjoy the brain around the head or twisted near the ears, make sure the braid is tight.

  • If you are looking for ways to keep your bangs off your face, simply opt for a headband braid or a trendy plait.

  • Side swept waves, is ideal if you want a glamorous look without your hair tools in tow. Simply pin half of your hair all the way back and voila you have the party look in place!Expert Talk
    Danish Batra, Founder Hair Masters Luxury Salon gives us a few hairstyles below that we can sport during our vacations.


Bob Cut


Bob cut is a versatile haircut which is easy to have. It can be short or long. This haircut can be accommodated according to your styling needs. This hair cut can be extended from the chin-length to the jaw or to the shoulders. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it can be changed according to the shape of the face.


Emo Cut


An emo cut is gaining its hype from so long especially in teens. ”Emo” is a slang word which is actually derived from a genre of music which has merged both the punk rock and alternative. Emo hairstyle express more about a person’s individuality or one’s character. The emo hairstyle is more about than having bangs and that too normal shower bangs. The emo hairstyle is all about being wild than tame. The bangs of the emo hairstyle are created by cutting hairs into several layers so you can sweep your bangs to the side or to just the right side of your forehead. Keep the bangs messy to make this hairstyle look more attractive. You can define this hairstyle by coloring your hair. Rich black and deep brunette colors suit more on this type of haircut.


Sleek and straight


Sleek and straight is a hair style that is actually very easy to apply for any woman, especially for those with long and natural hair. This haircut mostly suits on the black and shiny hair. Those women who are actually into modeling can have this haircut to look more bold and beautiful.




Layered haircut is a kind of hairstyle which will suit any face. Short hair or long hair? It doesn’t matter this hairstyle will make you the talk of your friend circle. Layered haircut looks best when you let those bangs come on your forehead. Celebrities like Katy Perry had this haircut too.


And girls, just like that you can make hay while the sun shines, in perfect hair glory this vacation season.


Kavita Shyam

With 9 years of writing experience in lifestyle writing from fashion, fitness, décor, food to travelogues, reporting and writing is a sheer passion for me. That beside shopping, DIY fashion designing, brunching and travelling makes me the happiest dreamer in town!


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