Can tinder get you hitched? Yes

By Staff Feministaa in Health & Nutrition 26/06/2016

Yes really? How many matches though.


Well,  a week ago I encountered this couple Simmy Rohilla and Vikas Rathee who apparently met on tinder, got engaged in June and are getting married this coming Jan. Weird enough? No, it’s the experience in your head with tinder that’s speaking up!


*noticing your reaction*


While tindering or being a tinderalla, I always though Tinder is all about hooking up, part of which is true, but who knows you can actually find some meaningful relationship online, this couple did. *wink face*


Let’s all accept this reality that, we all have once lied to our friends saying  we meet our partners through some random social group AND not online, am I right or am I right? *black glasses on in Rajini style*


But, actually thinking, why do we do so? You think is it bad to be on Tinder? Well, honestly I’m, and this person too.


This person who I’m talking about is some big boy in the startup industry. The idea his application introduced is not only a luxury but need of this generation. Can you guess what they do?


They provided room to unmarried couples. God bless these men and their startup!- Stay Uncle.

When talking to Sanchit, CEO, Stay Uncle.

According to him, “It’s the mindset of people who have actually made up tinder a hooking app in India. Individuals should be confident enough to accept the fact that they met on tinder. I used tinder, and say I it openly. I love tinder, this keeps my chance of meeting up new people. Even if people are judging you, say them up in a confident way, and let them do their part. You cannot have a control over if people would understand or not understand.

When asked that if Stay uncle is promoting a hookup culture, the reply I got was a wow!

“I’ll not use the word F because that was more that was more than that, the time we spent together dragged me even closer- a message received from one of our customers. We are not promoting hookup culture, we are giving space to couples to want to have some quality time alone. So, that they can be more open about their relationship to their families”


While swiping left on tinder, I met this man, who told me I would never make a girlfriend, out of tinder; it is so not cool! This is how thinking of some men rolls up; we have acclaimed certain attributes to online dating application and this couple has made us realize how wrong we are! Generally, it is hard for women to call it openly that she is on tinder, she feels judged, to be called too desperate or anything that makes her feel low of herself. I totally agree with Sanchit, Let the world do its part and you do yours.


Accept if you are, you too might be really lucky some day.  😛


At Feministaa, we are pulling out some stories of real life couple, who met on some online application. If you too are one of them, send your entries at!

Till then keep swiping.


Staff Feministaa

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