Ace Against Odds : Sania Mirza’s excellent journey through her Book

By Akanksha Rathore in Fashion & Lifestyle 19/07/2016

She came, she played and she conquered, Sania Mirza sure has a long journey ahead and more to conquer. The Multiple Grand Slam Champion and World Number One in Women’s Doubles, Sania Mirza, has recently launched her book, “Ace Against Odds.”


The book is a portrayal of Sania’s iconic journey of hardwork, patience and passion, beating the odds to become what she is today. The book discusses Sania’s long journey in the field along with her injuries, medical emergencies, competition, as well as gives an insight in her life, her physical and emotional trauma and the joyful moments as well.


The Autobiography was released by superstar Salman Khan, in Mumbai.



“Sania has been an inspiration to a lot of young girls today. It’s her undying spirit with which she keeps going is what makes her special. She is launching her autobiography, it’s a special moment for her and I am glad to be a part if this,” Salman said during the launch.

During the launch, Sania defined her autobiography as the story of her amazing journey and is glad to be presenting it to the world.

Recently Sania was in news for bashing out at a famous journalist in the most subtle yet hard hitting manner, when asked, “when does she planned to settle down?”


To which Sania replied, She is the World Number One and yet all people want to know is when will she start a family and settle down and this is indeed a sad factor.


Sania has always stood up for what is right. She is and will always be a bold example of what feminism means.

Criticized often for marrying a Pakistani Cricketer and wearing short clothes, Sania has always behaved like a true lady and dissed all haters in perfect manner.

Her autobiography is co-written by her father Mr. Imran Mirza and is published by HarperCollins India. It is available online and in all the major bookstores, across the country.

With her autobiography releasing, we truly wish the champion to achieve more of success in her future.


Akanksha Rathore

An aspiring filmmaker who believes in creating stories, a writer, a dancer, and an avid food lover. Likes to keep the spirit and the music both high. If not doing anything then probably will be sleeping.


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