Jewellery 18 – A New Online Marketplace For Jewellery

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Life is too short for a boring Jewellery. Let’s look for the exciting ones in Jewellery 18!


Jewellery 18 - A New Online Marketplace For Jewellery |


Jewellery 18 is an online marketplace for imitation and handmade jewelry, which was launched on 29th August. It is a unit of Formula 69 Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which focuses on women empowerment by giving extra benefits to female jewelry manufacturers from a rural background or from a lower financial background.


Formula 69 is a digital agency based out at Delhi and founded by Varun Garg and Ashutosh Gaur, also owns another unit (an e-magazine), which is running successfully and has its own brand image in the digital world.


The launch, which happened in Indian Islamic Center, was graced by the Chief Guest Mr. Ashwani Kumar (Prithviwasi), (Founder and Principal, Delhi College Of Art) and Special Guests Ms. Jaswinder Grewal (Life Coach & Motivational Speaker), Ms. Ila Rawat (Producer, filmmaker, Entrepreneur), Ms. Preeti Ghai (Fashion Designer), Ms. Geeta Singh (PR Professional & Entrepreneur) and Ms. Anshi Sharma (Entrepreneur and Bollywood Personality).

Jewellery 18 - A New Online Marketplace For Jewellery |

The face of Jewellery 18 popularly known as Miss. Jewellery 18, Ms. Mansi Sharma was awarded the crown by renowned designer Mrs. Preeti Ghai. Mrs. Ghai was also the official sponsor of the dress for Miss. Jewellery 18.

Jewellery 18 - A New Online Marketplace For Jewellery |

Along with the launch of the brand and announcement of Miss. Jewellery 18 the audience also witnessed ramp walk by the models and an exemplary musical performance by the music band Aaroh.

Jewellery 18 - A New Online Marketplace For Jewellery |

The models displayed a splendid ramp walk amidst all the glitz and glamour. Rent It Bae, a brand which is being run by Aanchal Saini, was the official sponsor of their wardrobe.


With the launch of Jewellery 18 in the e-commerce sector, a variety of jewellery products for the customers will be available. It will also provide better opportunities for small-scale manufacturers. Jewellery 18 is also encouraging handmade jewelry at a global level through an online platform.

Jewellery 18 - A New Online Marketplace For Jewellery |

Ladies and gentlemen, grab the best ones, because “I have enough jewellery” said no one ever!


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