#FemShare – I’m a World Of Contradictions

By Staff Feministaa in Fashion & Lifestyle 29/09/2016

I’m a world of contradictions
Of stories and non-fictions
In me lies the endless possibilities
I’m also the black hole within


I’m sometimes a lively sight
I’m sometimes an ugly crier
I’m also the longing mystery
But I’m rarely ever a liar


In me you’ll see the blazing sun
Or also the lonely glooming fall
It’s hard for you to keep me close
As the burn can’t be handled by all


I seem to crave everything material
But my heart goes out to the suffering
I’m constantly torn on how to live
Is it good enough for the world what I’m offering?


I’ll be best friend you’ll ever talk to
I can also cave in my shell
My mind in not unfathomable
I just need you to read me well


The wonders of nature appease me
The tingling rains oh so tease me
I get lost in a dancing moment
It’s really not so hard to please me


I stand up firmly for what’s right
I will also get in petty fights
You can walk over me if you own me
I can very well thrive under your lights


I’m a world of contradictions
Of flaws and imperfections
I can be the most endearing
‘Cause I live for such connections


By : Samiksha Shrivastava


Staff Feministaa

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