Kirti Bhoutika

By Staff Feministaa in Celebrity Interviews 23/02/2017

The girl who wowed everyone with her amiable smile and flawless bakery skills, Kirti Bhoutika, is also a trained dancer and painter! Meet the MasterChef India winner of 2016 up close and personal.


The ‘dessert queen’ was gravitated towards cooking since 11th grade in school. Many kitchen disasters later, she baked that one chocolate cake which made her realize that she is never going to get bored of it!


“You cannot survive by your past achievements. You have to prove yourself at every point in life.”


Master Chef India 2016 saw a participation of people from around the world, many of whom were established Chefs and patisserie. The battle to the Golden Plate was not rosy for this 20-years old home cook.


“Before Master Chef I used to cook 3 recipes in a day. Now I cook numerous recipes.”


Life before Masterchef revolved around her Home Bakery called ‘SugarPlum Cakery’. She was 18 year old when she started SugarPlum and for next three years her routine involved waking up at 5 and sleeping at 1. Managing orders with full-time college was never easy but that is what made her determined to pursue her passion.


Her competitive spirit sailed her through the competition of the reality show. She believes that competitions are what brings the best out of her. They make her put herself into challenging and unpredictable situations where she can extend her limits.


“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”


Kirti Bhoutika is an inspiration for many young home cooks in India. We wish she continues to live her passion and fulfill her dreams of a food studio.


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