Rosemary Anne Mathewson : Advocating Education for Indian Professionals

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Concepts like professional education or continuing education while working is quite new in India. On a global level where employers encourage their employees to enroll in different technical courses while continuing as a full-time professional, India is yet to conceptualize such an initiative. Trying her bit to transform the professional education scene in India, Rosemary Anne Mathewson, the Founder and Principal Managing Director of Paxton Ellis Advisory LLC is working hard every day for the development of new opportunities for Indian professionals.


In a Feministaa exclusive we spoke to Rosemary about her vision, her work and much more.


Rosemary and her work

A New York University School of Law graduate, Rosemary wants to establish CUNY Baruch, one of the largest public universities in the US in India, which will work in creating educational opportunities for Indian students.


“CUNY and Baruch have been committed to providing access to high-quality education to students who might not otherwise fulfill their potential and pursue advanced degrees. There is more room globally for accessible, professional education that delivers value”


Her Vision

Ms. Mathewson is quite keen in establishing institutional alliances in the country. She is focused on creating global opportunities for students hailing from India, who otherwise find it difficult to receive the same quality of training while living in the country.


This year, Rosemary and her team have restructured the CUNY Baruch Executive MS in Finance program in order to deliver the training in 10 modules. Candidates will only require 4 days in the classroom to complete training, which equals to two consecutive weekends.


On Cultural Differences

On questioning her about the cultural differences between India and America, Rosemary said that she on a micro level is more interested in focusing on the similarities between the countries. She remarked that both the countries have similar passions for higher education and social mobility. She believes that it is only through cooperation that it is possible to make professional education valuable and relevant.


On Indian Women

Feministaa founds Rosemary quite vocal about her opinions when it comes to talking about women. When questioned about women education, the author shared that women nowadays have more opportunities for demonstrating their commitment to professional achievement. CUNY will help women passionate for education to associate with opportunities, which will help them in contributing to India’s social and economic progress.


Sharing the Same Load

Rosemary explained to Feministaa that women all over the world share the same challenges. She suggested that it is better if women unite in an organization to put forward their views and troubles that they face.


“Think about the difference between asking your boss by yourself about childcare and a group of 5, 15, 50 of your female colleagues presenting a proposal for the organization to support childcare that cites the relevant research on female retention. There is strength in numbers! And support; it’s important to be reminded that each of us is not alone and most of our challenges are shared”


A progressive thinker, Rosemary Anne Mathewson is a true visionary from whom one can learn a lot. We would encourage not just women but every budding professional in India to follow Rosemary and be a part of her journey in creating better opportunities for everyone.


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