Pragya Saboo – Young and Up-and-coming Indian Entrepreneur in the USA

By Indrani Biswas in Starting Up 12/05/2017

Pragya Saboo from Kolkata is just like any other girl in her early twenties. The only difference is that she decided not to stay ordinary. Even though she is a student, Ms. Saboo has already co-founded two companies – ‘For the Environment’ and ‘Hubble’. Hailing from a liberal family, Saboo always had exceptional leadership qualities right through her high school days.


In a Feministaa exclusive, we got to know more about the person Pragya Saboo, her achievements, and how she maintains her busy life.


Life in Georgia

“Attending Georgia Tech was one of the best decisions I have ever made – I was able to challenge myself so much more and eventually achieve a lot more than I had ever dreamt of in high school.”

Pragya has been very ambitious and focussed from the start. So, right after high school, Pragya went to Atlanta to study Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. However, she did face a bit of difficulty coping with the education curriculum abroad.


“No matter how good you are at studies in India, the pressure in a Foreign University will definitely hit you hard. I had a tough time coping up with the academic Rigor.”


Pragya is a self-motivated person, which is hardly seen in today’s youth. Instead of complaining about the changes in her life, she made some crucial changes in her timetable to become more focused.


“I read. For fifteen minutes every morning, even if I have a midterm the same day. There is so much to learn out there”


Working, Achieving, and Meditating is Her Mantra

Apart from co-founding two companies in her early twenties, Pragya Saboo had also been an intern in companies like Ernst & Young, Uber and Waste Management.


One would wonder how this girl stays focussed while juggling roles of a student, an entrepreneur, a leader, and a blogger.


“I meditate. I find a lot of strength from mindful meditation. I meditate for thirty minutes in which I include mindful meditation, list out goals for the day and rewrite my goals for the future, make a gratitude list.”


The Hubble Story

Pragya Saboo is the only girl in her Hubble core team. She along with other students in Georgia Tech founded and developed Hubble, a social application that helps in connecting people on a campus. Taking the fact that it has already been launched in four highly popular university campuses in the USA, one can assume its efficiency.


The reason why Hubble is so popular is because of its location feature, which helps students and friends to locate each other on the map. There is also a notification system which enables the user to know the whereabouts of their friends every time when they are on campus.


Although Hubble is a success story today, one needs to know that even Pragya and her team faced many setbacks before they could launch it.


“We all have ideas, we all dream to be entrepreneurs but the funding is where it all shatters even for Hubble, it was compared to many other available options,”


Luckily when the team applied to the incubator of MIT and Princeton, they received a funding worth 20,000 dollars to start off.


“It is all about being confident and having that conviction to convince others to believe in you and your idea, once you are able to sell it to others you know the funding will come.”


The incubator of Princeton University funded and tested the application at the “Keller Centre”. This happened before its full-scale launch at 4 highly popular university Campuses in the states. Pragya hopes to launch the application successfully in several schools across the US and India in 2017.


More about the Mogul Lady

Pragya being an extremely busy person knows how to value time and whenever she finds enough time, she tries utilizing it to the fullest.


“When commuting, waiting in a line or whenever I have dead time I use it to reply to emails, plan my next few hours and on some blissful days when I am already on top of my game, I read!”


Her achievements at such a young age also attracted Mogul Magazine, which featured her in their ‘Top 30 College Moguls in the US you need to know about in 2015’ edition. Apart from being a researcher, a student, and a leader, and a blogger at, Pragya also serves as United Nation’s Women Entrepreneurship Day Regional ambassador for the South East Region of the US.


Her family is her strength

Pragya Saboo considers her family to be the biggest pillar in her life, which has always helped her to grow better in life.


“I was never pressured or even asked to about my plans on marriage by my family, they always pushed me to focus on my career and education which I think today every girl needs to succeed. I grew up thinking being a girl or a boy makes no difference at all.”


We wish Pragya Saboo all the best for her future endeavors. An amazing personality and a true achiever, this young lady is an inspiration for the young lot in our country.


A Kathak dancer in the making, Indrani makes funny videos and has her own little blog featuring Bengali women. When it comes to writing, she loves to pen down poems the most. Apart from being a movie buff, she is also a die-hard Freddie Mercury fan.


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