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By Medha Mukerji in Fashion & Lifestyle 17/08/2017

Sarahah was built to reduce the communication barrier that arises when a junior level employee wants to give a genuine feedback to a senior management or colleague.


Now when the app was made public, it was to send “constructive messages” to people without revealing your identity. However, in a way, I am glad a lot of people didn’t reveal their identities on the app.


The Cynicism

We live in a highly cynical society and if anyone doesn’t believe so must download the app and share this information with everyone in his/her circle.


People who have been hurt, not because of you but because of their own mindset. And God forbid if you have been a part of that situation could just lead you to receive blame messages filled with hatred to an extent that you couldn’t imagine.


Not only that, people will criticise your work, your lifestyle and convey that the very fact that you’re probably breathing is probably in the wrong way and their best escape is that you will never know who is the preacher behind all this unwanted gyaan.


The Hypocrisy

Being an independent girl is apparently a crime in this country. Making choices for myself isn’t something I should be doing according to people who didn’t wish to reveal their identities. Maybe because they know what they’re saying is utter nonsense or narcissistic.


However people have found a new way to be disrespectful.


If you’re someone who is very expressive on social media. Sarahah has the power to make you believe that all the likes and appreciation you get on social media, is at the end of the day a “mirage”. All the people who disagree with your beliefs and your values, will come out and express themselves in a way you can’t possibly imagine.


Of course the anonymity gives people a protective shield and good enough for these hypocrites to feel safe and secure.


For most people it’s like throwing and spitting out opinions; which is the lowest form of information possible;  at other people. It’s an oportunity of this sorts for most of the people.


The Admirers

Admiring beauty isn’t a crime. Being attracted to women is a sign of normalcy. However body shaming messages, and lewd comments are not a normal sign.


If your thought process is towards getting a boner on seeing women, there’s something clearly wrong with you. And maybe you need to visit a sex therapist.


However, there are genuine admirers and encouragers who use the app. Unfortunately there are pessimists that outnumber the optimists. Thus the app becomes dangerous. For someone who is sensitive, it could mean questioning a lot of things close to you because of the large number of bare hate messages.


I read many articles that condemn and blame the founder. However , before we question the person who merely built a service of anonymously messaging, let’s see what we truly hold within our hearts.


Sending a message that pleasantly surprises someone, or gives someone a hope of a secret admirer, would seem so ideal. However, the people craving for idealistic lives, probably hold some of the most offensive beliefs.


Remember it’s human to love and evil to hate. However, when the society is ready for Sarahah I would download it again..


Medha Mukerji

In 2010, Medha started her career at 21 with BNP Paribas Wealth Management as a support to Business Development and continued with Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Health Care in their Accounting Control/Tax/Commercial department. Medha also worked as a General Secretary to an NGO called Human Child Age Care Educational Society during the year (reg) 2013 – 2015
Working at BNP Paribas, Medha would edit product notes and pitches for the clients. Soon enough, she knew that before doing MBA and starting her own company, she rather have the experience, and vision of exactly what she wanted to do, and then study further that would help and enhance the business.


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