12 Sexist Comments That Women Choose To Ignore

By Aayushi Porwal in Fashion & Lifestyle 01/12/2017

Time and again women have been objectified, discouraged, undermined, tamed, eve teased and sexually harassed in all walks of life. Be it on the footpath, at home or even at workplaces, there are comments passed on women by men for their so-called “fun and entertainment”.


But blame it entirely on men? No way! Women never react to any of these comments and acts. When a girl steps out of the home, travels alone to either go to school, college, or to the office, there are people advising her to either keep mum or ignore. It’s not because they are too shy to speak up, but they have gotten used to facing sexist comments daily. And this clearly shouldn’t be the case!


Here are 12 sexist comments that women hear every day and ‘ignore them’.


This one isn’t any new comment.

And hey, what do you think I am? Cooking oil?


Ladki hai, promotion toh use hi milega naa pehle

Yeah? So, what’s your promotion story?


Surely, after Jab We Met, this dialogue was the most dramatic addition to men’s vocabulary.

Aur aapki zubaan?


Yes! how did you know? I thought it’s difficult for a person to rationalize anything if their head is empty.


Kaha se aa rahin hun? Aunty ji, aap kya sun’na chahti ho?


Oh, I guess you are right and my middle finger totally wants to apologize.


What’s your definition of feminism?


Duh, I have a TV at home!


Sure, what better way to pay my bills right?!


Well, statistics and psychology suggest otherwise! If you know what I mean! ?


What’s the criteria to excel in it?


Right, I hear you loud and clear!


Aayushi Porwal

After spending her academic life studying balance sheets, Aayushi found her passion for words. She finds the best in herself by losing herself in a book. Her favourite writing topics are love and relationships, faith, inspiration, heartbreak and anything except bios about herself.The best words that define her are: A writer, daydreamer, and a Pogonophile!She believes we are in a dire need to save the earth as it’s the only planet with beards.


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