The Woman of Influence : Vertica Dvivedi

By Ritika Jain in Starting Up 17/02/2018

Did you know about the design industry?! Then you cannot have not heard about Vertica… a well heard name in the design industry! Vertica has had many accolades to her name, the most recent one being creating WADe Asia.


Vertica has always believed in the power of positive influence and that is how she came up with a idea of creating an exclusive platform for women designers and architects.

Vertica Dvivedi

Vertica is a passionate woman with high aspirations and great energy. Her energy and zeal for life is almost contagious. In a Feministaa exclusive, we talked to Vertica about her life and dreams.


How did it all start?


A girl moved to the capital city alone with nothing but a backpack and a hundred dreams in her pockets. Sounds like a cliche Bollywood drama, but this is the story of the founder of Wade India.


“I did not know what would I do when I moved to Delhi decades ago. I was alone, I had no money but I was not not afraid. I was sure I would make it big.”


What is WADe ?


“WADe is not just about women. WADe is not limited to gender, it is about human beings who are doing great work. I believe human beings are so powerful and the power of a mind should not be isolated. It should be shared.”

Woman of influence

Wade India is a platform that connects people, especially women, in architecture and design, globally. WADe started as an initiative that lets women from different spheres of design come together and connect with each other. It is a platform for women who have had to take a break from work, may be because of pregnancy or other responsibilities.


It lets them stay connected so that they do not lose out on information and are able to get back to work with no gaps. WADe is a platform that enables learning and sharing.


On Women…!

“Women have always been good with administration but it is men who go ahead and network. Women shy away from networking. Women work harder, much harder than men but all they lack is networking skills. And, it is true for women all over the world.”


Vertica believes that home-making always becomes a priority for women; it is their natural instinct to prioritise family. They do not mind staying back at home looking after their kids than being in a social gathering that offers them opportunities to connect with people around.


Women think a hundred times before asking for favours. They shield themselves and try to compensate it by working harder.


“Women do not have to be superheroes, all that is required is they network well and do not shy away from asking for favours. The business world works on favours. It is that simple.”



“Positivity inspires me. I try to find out positive things from every aspect of life.”

Inspirational Interview

Positives and negatives will always be together in a space. Vertica believes in focusing on the positives because no matter how hard one tries, the negativity always finds a loophole to creep in.


She sings and meditates sometimes at 3 in the morning to keep her energised and filled with positive energy.


Knowing yourself should be the priority

“It is important for me to know myself. I should know my expectation, my goals and my dreams. I cannot expect others to know me when I do not know myself.”


Vertica sets goals for herself and rewards herself when she accomplishes them. She believes it is important for a person to know herself first. She says that when a person is aware about her own self, she can be happy with herself and with others around her.


The Ideology Behind WADe


“We are just letting women speak their minds, share their stories and empower each other during the course.”


Been in the same position once, Vertica knows  that it is not easy for every woman to go forward and talk to anybody. She believes WADe to be a platform that lets women talk about their journeys.


Most women go through similar rough patches on their entrepreneurial journey, through enablers and facilitators, the young women know that it is okay to be on this side of the road. We never know what part of whose story can motivate someone to do better.


On Men


Vertica believes that the change has to be in the roots. It is the upbringing of the men that makes them feel they are the leaders. In olden times, it was a way of showing respect to the men in the house that they were never asked to do household chores.

Vertica Dvivedi

But, then women were not going out to work. Things have changed today, women are working as much as men and therefore, there is a need to accept each others roles and responsibilities.


“ If I am going to be out for work, I should be able to ask my husband to stay home with the kids. And, when he is out I would do that. And, it should be done with happy faces and happy minds. That change has to come. There is no space for gender based role today.”


“When I asked my husband to come to my first WADe event, he said he did not want to be at a women’s event. People think women centric event are always about hues and cries. I was almost in tears.”


But that was not what  Vertica wanted to create. She spent a lot of time convincing people that a women centric platform need not be against men. She wanted to create something where everyone from the design field can come and connect. She did not care if men join in, in fact she wanted them to join. She wanted to create a platform where the right person is chosen for the job irrespective of their gender.


The way ahead


“I do not want to be the centre of this whole thing. I want other woman to come forward and take the lead. I want there to be lots of Suns so that there could be several other solar systems.”


Vertica believes in inspiring people and letting them take the lead. She wants women to come forward and talk about their success and failures.


She wants them to help her create a larger group where everybody is a leader and is ready to empower each other’s lives.


Ritika Jain

Ritika has been working as a freelancer in content creation and editing for about 2 years now.Also worked as a content editor with S Chand Group of companies and have interned as an assistant content editor with McGraw Hill publications. She’s currently freelancing as a content writer/blogger with some publication houses and a few social media start ups.
Ritika has gained experience in different genres of writing while woking with these various organisations. A curious soul and an avid reader, Ritika likes experimenting with her writing style and have written various blogs and articles.


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