A Sense of Completeness with Each Other: Marriage

By Medha Mukerji in Editor's Pick 17/04/2018

In India, the preparations for a girl’s marriage start right after she is born. A perfect sabhya sanskari Indian girl is always told to get married and have children at the ‘right age’.


In times when women are out there and reaching for the stars, in a larger part of India, a girl is still expected to get married in her early 20’s. However, there are some women who have boldly defied the typical Indian women stereotypes and given others some hope.


NehhaBhatnagar is one such example of a courageous woman. Nehha is a Bharatnatyam dancer and cultural ambassador by profession. She is somebody who has always expressed her beliefs through her work. Be it standing up for underprivileged girls or her belief in true love, Nehha has spoken through her actions.


In times when dating apps have become a mere platform for one-night stands and hookups, Nehha used it to her advantage to find her soul mate. She did want to waste her time in just randomly meeting strangers to find a prospective groom. Instead, she wanted to find a soul similar to hers and was able to do so through a dating app!  Unbelievable right? !


We often try to standardize things according to the society. The society holds power over our thoughts and most of us give in to the societal pressures, especially women. But, when we come across courageous women like Nehha Bhatnagar, we are inspired and motivated again to think better.



Neha Bhatnagar


Nehha had the power to fight societal barriers. She believed in true, unadulterated love and showed the courage to fight against the pressures of getting married just for the sake of it. And, as they say, good things take time to happen; it happened to her when she met Oompi.


Nehha never gave up the hope of finding love and today, she is the happiest.


Nehha and Oompi were getting to know each other from oceans across. Their love story seems to be a perfect saga in the app generation today! It bursts all the myths around relationships that are said to be short-term these days. Often relationships fade out when distances grow but Nehhha and Oompi’s relationship made oceans come closer.




Oompi was in Sydney and Nehha in India, who could have thought it would work out but it did!

Nehha took the brave decision to travel to Australia to meet Oompi.


Girls are often warned against making the first moves, but Nehha believes there is no such thing when it comes to love.


There should be moves to know the other person better, irrespective of who makes them.


Nehha and Oompi’s first date was in Sydney months after they started talking via Skype and FaceTime. Nehha was smart to arrange a Bharatnatyam performance in Australia.


Nehha recounts her first date with a smile on her face,


“He picked me up and we went to the Sydney harbor bridge for a walk and then for my practice session for my performance! He sat throughout my dance practice and had a tear in his eye- that was our first date!”

And, as they got to know each other better, life became easier and more beautiful for both of them. They had been meandering to find the perfect partner and with each other, their search came to an end.


A Union Of Beliefs Not Tradition


Nehha is happy to have waited all this while to find her soulmate in Oompi. She says, “It has been nothing short of a spiritual union. Oompi has been an echo I have been aching to hear all my life. A validation of my beliefs; of what I stand for; of my worldview. It’s so heartening to know that you’re not alone and that there are others out there- especially of the opposite gender, who have similar value systems.”


Ambitious women in our country are often looked down upon. It is not for a woman to dream of a career if she wants to get married. Well, Indian society has often defined rules for women that have suppressed them for ages.


Nehha is ambitious, independent, and is happy setting her up to new world post marriage. That defies the Indian logic in a pretty obvious way. She is the one traveling across the globe, performing on stage and making a name for herself. And, she is also the one who believes in love, family, and companionship.


Traditional Marriage


A woman can be all if she wants to be and nothing if she doesn’t.


And that is not just it. Nehha and Oompi’s wedding is another reason we love this lady. Their wedding took place in a 13th-century temple near Nandi Hills in Karnataka with their loved ones around.


They did not opt for an extravagant ceremony to show off their social status. For them, marriage was a sacred event and not an occasion to show off their wealth.

It took place the way the two of them had always dreamed of in a beautiful, quaint place with smiling faces witnessing the union of their love. A fairytale!


Oompi and Nehha are two people from different cultural backgrounds but with a common perspective on life. They found a sense of completeness with each other. Isn’t that the meaning of marriage?



Medha Mukerji

In 2010, Medha started her career at 21 with BNP Paribas Wealth Management as a support to Business Development and continued with Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Health Care in their Accounting Control/Tax/Commercial department. Medha also worked as a General Secretary to an NGO called Human Child Age Care Educational Society during the year (reg) 2013 – 2015
Working at BNP Paribas, Medha would edit product notes and pitches for the clients. Soon enough, she knew that before doing MBA and starting her own company, she rather have the experience, and vision of exactly what she wanted to do, and then study further that would help and enhance the business.


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