The Ocean of Too Many Options as a Millennial!

By Ambika Sharma in Editor's Pick 19/04/2018

Let me start off by saying that as a person, I’m a chameleon. My interests keep changing every day. For me, it is very hard to not get lost and dazed by the various options always available.


As a millennial, I’m aware that my generation has the liberty to keep trying different things, and our minds are hard-wired in a slightly different way than our parents’.


This becomes a constant battle of the mind, where Instagram starts calling to us the minute we become too bored, the smells from the corner pizzeria calls to us when we’re trying to live healthier.


The availability of instant access to all things we need drives us into a stupor of comfort and an inexplicable sense of confusion. Where do I focus my energy? Where can I find a deeper sense of fulfillment when everything is available to me, but a lack of drive towards anything, in particular, stops me from trying anything for too long?



Our generation gets bored quickly – it’s that simple. Businesses are based on our instant stimulation, and like grass that keeps getting mowed down, the lawnmower of our minds keeps cutting down our drive towards anything the minute something shinier comes up.


We are not a generation that likes to commit to anything. The lust to keep trying different things is so deeply hardwired in our system that it takes too long to even figure out what we want.


The millennial generation has the liberty to try different things, experiment wherever possible until they find their fit. Experimentation is good, no doubt. It’s only when you try something that you know if it’s something you really want.


The problem comes when you put your fingers into different jars at the same time.


Our minds are similar fickle creatures. We want to do something different the minute we start getting bored of an activity. The conditioning that our parents and grandparents had of sticking to something and continuing with it despite hurdles has been almost driven out of us.


Mentally pushing oneself for anything is so hard a concept for most millennial that we often end up quitting the moment things get too difficult.


Now I’m not saying experimenting is wrong. In fact, I do it all the time. But, I always keep an end goal in mind. Keep visualizing the result you want, even if it’s just a vague picture. Then just let time do its trick.



At the end of the day, you’ll find that a lot of your interests can actually be applied to many things. For instance, I can use coding in my writing. I can mix several media and create a company, run a business even though I don’t particularly have an inclination towards business.


Be unconventional, but don’t be afraid to follow the convention for a while before you reach there. The end goal looks pretty from the far – the real sweat and tears to get you there can only be survived if you REALLY want it.


It’s quite simple. First sweat it; first, give into the tears. If even after all that inflicted torture you feel energized rather than completely drained as a person – it’s the field for you. Stick to it like a leech. You might not be good at it in the beginning, but if the sweat and tears are not bothering you, it means you WILL become good at it.


Ambika is an aspiring director, delving into any creative expression that excites her. An English and Journalism student, she maintains her own blog where her creative juices run freely, ranging from poetry, short stories to self-help articles. Like her blog, her post and topics are also unfiltered. An opinionated person, she likes to share personal experiences and stories to convey messages that will help others understand their own journeys. She is experimenting with art, writing and in the midst of drafting her own fantasy novel.


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