Breaking The Glass Ceiling.

By Ritika Jain in Trending 26/04/2018

With the recent news coming in, the road of feminine power seems to be lit. History is being created by Senior Advocate Indu Malhotra, as she becomes the first woman to be elevated as judge of the Supreme Court directly from the Bar. Ms. Malhotra’s direct move from the Bar to the Bench could be seen as a major breaking the glass ceiling event.

Here are some things everybody should know about this awesome lady.


1.  After obtaining her Master’s Degree Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi, she worked briefly as a Lecturer in Political Science at the Miranda House College and Vivekanand College, Delhi University.


2. In 1983, she joined the legal profession. And, later secured the first position in the Advocate-on-Record exam for the Supreme Court, which is an accomplishment in itself.


3. She became the second woman to be designated a senior advocate by the Supreme Court in 2007. Only the legendary Justice Leila Seth, was given this honor in 1977 before this.



4. An impaneled arbitrator with several Institutional Arbitration bodies, Ms. Malhotra has authored The Law and Practice of Arbitration in India, which was released in April 2014.


5. She also spearheaded a legal battle in the Supreme Court on the NGO’s plea to strike down a provision in the Motor Vehicles Rules, which allows protruding rods to be carried in trucks, a major cause of fatalities.


There are several more accolades to Ms. Indu Malhotra ’s merit that could make this list never-ending. She is a woman of power, intelligence, and determination. Her appointment as the judge of the Supreme Court has cleared the decks for more woman advocates to get directly nominated as judges of the Supreme Court.

Ritika Jain

Ritika has been working as a freelancer in content creation and editing for about 2 years now.Also worked as a content editor with S Chand Group of companies and have interned as an assistant content editor with McGraw Hill publications. She’s currently freelancing as a content writer/blogger with some publication houses and a few social media start ups.
Ritika has gained experience in different genres of writing while woking with these various organisations. A curious soul and an avid reader, Ritika likes experimenting with her writing style and have written various blogs and articles.


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