Money Matters, Marriage And Mumma’s Boys!

By Medha Mukerji in Editor's Pick 26/04/2018

How the situation has become completely sad.

When there was a time women used to teach their babies to be independent… and say,  “get good grades and make mummy proud”; today we have a generation of, “baby do whatever you want but just be happy… mommy and daddy will get you whatever you need”.


And of course who do these ‘mummas boys’ grow up to be? Typical chauvinistic products who come with a huge baggage of insecurity; because they’ve not only got what they always wanted without ever asking for it, but they’ve also never been said no to.


Today I read an article saying, a 12-year-old Australian boy fled to Bali with his parents’ credit card without telling them anything. His parents were informed when his friend caught him drinking beer in the room. The kid spent 80,000 Australian dollars (About 4.2 lac Indian rupees) on his vacation; his mom explaining the Economic Times that he doesn’t like to hear a “no”.


The boy



What kind of a guy do you think this boy would grow up to be? Smart? Yes! Of Course! After all, you need guts to fly to Bali with a credit card that’s not even yours all by yourself. But is he going to be someone who can take up any KIND of responsibility?


Now I don’t mean to sound judgemental.. but upbringing has a huge role to play in what the children turn out to be. The mother of this boy told the newspaper the story blaming the airlines for letting a 12-year-old child fly alone; without parental supervision. Now this situation is as bizarre as this.


When a girl gets married off to a boy; who might be earning a decent salary and coming from a family of a decently well off status; her father ends up footing the bill for her entire wedding. Of course, this has no impact on the “real man” getting married happily on someone else’s cost. Without realizing the weight of responsibility that comes with the relationship. So when actually real problems in married paradise arise; and the girl bends towards retail therapy to “feel better”. Then suddenly everyone turns and looks at the poor girl, condemning her upbringing and of course expecting her to “resolve” everything.



So maybe the airlines were at fault definitely, for letting the 12-year-old boy on the airplane. And now it was the airlines that should have apologized and “resolved” the matter for the Australian child and his parents. And things would be fine then after. Similarly, maybe if the girl would have been sensible and would have been spending lesser money on monthly shopping, maybe it would “resolve” other issues.


However, my point was not to point out the money matters. But it was to point out how increasingly men are becoming dependent and lazy and the women are being trained to be independent. And thus arises the rising age of so-called “settling down” (in parental terms).


Marry Time


Proudly so, as the so-called ‘women magazines’ claim to blame the modern independent woman to get married late, it is actually the majority of men still crying on mummy’s lap or trying to rub shoulders with daddy till an average age of 35 that seems to be the real problem.


Of course, women will be petrified. Imagine, moving out at a young age to study, managing your own budget, and then getting married (with your parent’s money of course) and suddenly falling into a trap of taking permission regarding what to spend on, where to spend, which color mattresses to buy and which cushions to select.


Note To Daddy Dearests: Who dote on their well educated smart daughters; If you have the courage to free them… make sure that the man they marry is capable of deciding which curtains to buy. If he’s still not capable, consider this, that he’s still a toddler!


Medha Mukerji

In 2010, Medha started her career at 21 with BNP Paribas Wealth Management as a support to Business Development and continued with Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Health Care in their Accounting Control/Tax/Commercial department. Medha also worked as a General Secretary to an NGO called Human Child Age Care Educational Society during the year (reg) 2013 – 2015
Working at BNP Paribas, Medha would edit product notes and pitches for the clients. Soon enough, she knew that before doing MBA and starting her own company, she rather have the experience, and vision of exactly what she wanted to do, and then study further that would help and enhance the business.


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